The Manchester movement campaigning for change in the fashion industry

Manchester Fashion Movement is encouraging Mancunians to take a different approach to buying new clothes.

Daisy Bradbury Daisy Bradbury - 2nd April 2021

Not all style businesses have the same agenda. Take Manchester Fashion Movement, for instance.

Committed to “future-proofing the world” and creating a more ethical, sustainable and collective fashion industry, MFM was launched in early 2020 to address some of the fashion industry’s most urgent issues whilst promoting local brands in the process.

Based in Stockport, MFM is a small group with big ambitions; passionate about helping Greater Manchester communities open their eyes to the benefits of a responsible approach towards consumerism.

From countering Manchester’s reputation as the fast fashion capital to encouraging more diversity within the local fashion market, MFM is making powerful changes to the city’s shopping scene.

Alison Carlin, who is the founder of the Sustainable Fashion Party, and Camilla Cheung of Wardrobe Wellbeing, joined forces last year in a bid to make Manchester a more forward-thinking fashion destination in the sustainable style.


Their brand has ultimately turned into a judgement-free space where people can learn how to shop consciously within the local market – with MFM experts offering tangible shopping solutions that any Mancunian can get on board with.

MFM is also using Orange Pages to tackle widespread issues such as greenwashing when making a ‘sustainable’ purchase and explaining how fast fashion is a women’s rights issue – using local voices in the industry to reinforce these claims.


The brand has also taken to Instagram to launch various awareness campaigns – with their most recent talk featuring eight inspiring females working in fashion for International Women’s Day.

Manchester Fashion Movement is proof that we don’t have to go with the flow. Manchester may have developed a reputation as a fast fashion centre – but we still have the ability to make better choices when it comes to clothing.

We can always do more. And with MFM in support, it’s time to start thinking before we buy and making an effort to change the way we shop.


You can get involved in the efforts to future-proof the fashion industry through MFM’s Instagram page.

Featured image: Becca McHaffie / Unsplash