Nestlé makes ‘difficult decision’ to axe popular nostalgic chocolate biscuit bars

The end of an era.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 8th February 2024

Nestlé has made the “difficult decision” to discontinue two of its popular chocolate biscuit bars, and fans are gutted about it.

That’s right – whether we like it or not, it’s time to say goodbye to Breakaway bars and Yorkie Biscuits.

Breakways, in particular, have been an absolute staple of childhood snacking for countless Brits over the past couple of decades.

First manufactured all the way back in 1970, the chocolate digestive biscuit bars have made their way into many a school lunchbox, or stuffed into pockets for an on-the-go sweet treat – but as of next month, they will no longer be produced.

Nestlé says this decision has been taken due to a decline in sales, and in an effort to “make way for investment and innovation” across the company’s wider portfolio of products.


The brand says it knows fans will be “disappointed” with the choice to axe the product.

Speaking on the reason behind Breakaways being discontinued, a spokesperson for Nestlé UK & Ireland said: “We know fans will be disappointed to see it go, but it’s time for us to say goodbye to Breakaway, as we have seen a decline in the sales over the past few years, and unfortunately, we had to make the difficult decision to discontinue it.


“By saying goodbye to Breakaway, we can focus on our best-performing brands, as well as develop exciting new innovations to delight consumers’ tastebuds.”

Thankfully though, it’s not quite the end of the road just yet, as before Breakaway fans begin their grieving process, they can head to their Sainsbury’s store throughout February and March to get their hands on and stock up on the chocolate-covered biscuit bar while stocks still last.

It’s not only Breakaways that we have to part ways with either sadly, as Nestlé has also taken the decision to axe Yorkie Biscuits alongside them.

Both Breakaways and Yorkie Biscuits will stopped being produced from the end of next month / Credit: Nestlé

Somewhat less commonly-found than Breakaways, Yorkie Biscuits – which are also not to be confused with the actual Yorkie chocolate bars, which Nestlé says is “staying for good” – are another sweet treat to be discontinued due to declining sales.

But despite having to say goodbye to two nostalgic snacks, Nestlé has assured shoppers that it has “plenty of exciting new products” lined up for 2024.

The brand also announced that new hazelnut-flavoured Blue Ribbands are on the way this month.

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Hitting supermarket shelves very soon, and hoping to soften the blow and fill the gap left by the two losses, the Blue Riband Hazelnut takes the classic Blue Riband bar that we all know and love, and fills it with a smooth hazelnut filling layered between the wafers.

So make sure to keep your eyes peeled next time you’re doing a big shop.

Featured Image – Nestlé