Alton Towers confirms a new ‘dark and haunting’ ride is opening this year

'The Curse at Alton Manor' is set to be the theme park's most immersive dark ride to date.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 24th January 2023

Alton Towers has confirmed that a new ride is opening this year, and it’s apparently quite the “dark and haunting” experience.

After upsetting fans by announcing in back in September of last year that one of its most-popular rides, Nemesis, was to close to the public until at least 2024 so that “major maintenance” work can be carried out – including the replacement of large sections of the track – Alton Towers has now teased the opening of a brand new ride.

The new attraction, which is named The Curse at Alton Manor, is set to be the theme park’s most immersive dark ride to date.

Although no official opening date has been announced as of yet, and ride details are still being kept under wraps for now, bosses at the theme park say The Curse at Alton Manor will be a “haunting ride which will frighten and excite both brave youngsters and adults”.

The theme park says the ride-through haunted house experience will take those brave enough to hop on board on a “hair-raising journey through the spectacular twists and turns of the cursed manor”.


Announcing that the ride is on its way in 2023 on its website and social media platforms this morning, Alton Towers said: “The Curse at Alton Manor. A haunting dark ride, taking you on a hair-raising journey through the spectacular twist and turns of the cursed Manor.

“Coming, ready or not! The abandoned Alton Manor, repossessed under mysterious circumstances, will be inviting you inside.


“Have your wits about you as you ride deeper into the historic Manor.”

According to reports, The Curse at Alton Manor will take shape at the spooky site that was once home to the attraction Duel – The Haunted House, which opened in 1992, and was the largest ghost train in Europe at the time, before it abruptly closed back in September 2022 after the building was repossessed due to unnatural activity in the area.

Alton Towers confirms a new ‘dark and haunting’ ride is opening this year / Credit: Alton Towers

Speaking ahead of the ride’s opening this year, Kate McBirnie – Head of Product Excellence at Alton Towers Resort – said: “Let the countdown begin!


“The Curse at Alton Manor is no ordinary dark ride. It has all the components of a supernatural tale – it’s dark, compelling, and promises something thrilling and scary moments along the way. Fans of eerie rides will certainly appreciate this one.

“More details on The Curse at Alton Manor will be revealed next month, so stay tuned for what’s to come.”

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You can find out more about The Curse at Alton Manor on the Alton Towers website here.

featured Image – Newstream (via Alton Towers)