Baileys brings back its popular Piña Colada flavour ready for summer

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 17th April 2023

Baileys has revealed it’s bringing back its limited-edition Piña Colada flavour, and it’s just in time for summer to arrive.

With the weather getting warmer by the day, and the sun set to peek through the Greater Manchester clouds this week, Baileys has finally confirmed what fruity cocktail fans seem to have been begging for since disappeared from shops and supermarkets.

The Piña Colada flavour drink is now “back by popular demand”.

‘Baileys Colada’ takes the beloved Baileys Original Irish Cream whiskey liqueur and mixes it with the sweet taste of creamy coconut and juicy pineapples.

Originally released in the UK back in 2021, the fruity-flavoured tipple seemed to prove popular pretty much straight away, and started flying off shop shelves nationwide – but despite how beloved it was, the limited-edition drink sadly didn’t stick around for long.


And it left Baileys lovers calling on the drinks company to bring it back.

After hearing the pleas from fans over the last year or so, the company finally took to social media to confirm that the drink soon be back in stock so everyone can “enjoy the taste of summer” once again.

Baileys brings back its popular Piña Colada flavour ready for summer / Credit: Baileys

Baileys says the Colada flavour is best served as a 50ml measure over ice, or even drizzled over vanilla ice cream for “an extra summery treat”.

But if you’re feeling more adventurous, then you can even whip up a Baileys Colada Cocktail by blending 50ml of Baileys Colada with a handful of pineapple and ice to properly “kick-start” your summer.

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You can currently get your hands on 70cl bottles of Baileys Colada from Asda and Tesco for £17 each, but it’s expected that it’ll be stocked on the shelves at other supermarkets across the UK too in the run-up to summer, so keep your eyes peeled.


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Featured Image – Baileys