Corrie star blasts ‘little sods’ who let off fireworks at Salford Quays in the early hours

The Oldham-born actress branded them "brainless idiots".

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 9th August 2023

A Coronation Street star has hit out at the ‘brainless idiots’ who set off fireworks at Salford Quays during the early hours of the morning.

Sally Ann Matthews – who has played the role of Jenny Bradley on the iconic Manchester-based soap intermittently from 1986 through to the present day – was likely one of hundreds of local Greater Manchester residents who were rudely awoken just before 2am to the loud crackling sound of fireworks being let off nearby.

The Oldham-born actress took to Twitter just before 1:45am on Tuesday morning (8 August) to question ‘who the hell’ was having a firework display at that time.

Others nearby also reported seeing and hearing the deafening display of rockets shooting into the night sky in the Salford Quays and MediaCity area.

Although (shockingly) no one owned up to setting the fireworks off, plenty of others chimed in to Matthews’ tweet to add that they also thought the perpetrators were ‘idiots’ and speculated that they were likely ‘people who don’t have work’.


If the act of the fireworks being set off wasn’t enough to anger people on social media, Matthews also shared pictures the morning after showing empty fireworks boxes left behind.

She claimed the “brainless idiots didn’t take their litter home” in a follow-up tweet.


“That is disgusting,” one person said about the rubbish in response to Matthews on Twitter.

Another person responded: “You’re right Sally, these people have no respect”, while a third added that it was “very rude”, a fourth claimed they “weren’t surprised” and another admitted that they “hate” fireworks.

While Matthews and the countless other locals were clearly annoyed by the time the fireworks were set off, the actress did go on to reveal in a later tweet that it was a “quite spectacular” display – although, she did end up needing to catch up on her sleep the following day.


Matthews admitted to having what she described as a “nana nap”.

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She wrote in her later tweet: “To be fair, it was quite spectacular but I did have to have a nana nap this afternoon because of the little sods.”

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