Drivers warned they could receive fines of up to £100 for having a messy car

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 11th April 2022

Drivers are being warned that they could face a huge fine if they do not keep their vehicles in a clean and tidy condition.

While it’s true that there is no specific rule against having your car like a tip, and in some cases, it’s actually celebrated, with a woman from Manchester voted as having the “messiest car in the UK” last year, motorists are to be aware that if your vehicle becomes too cluttered internally, it poses a potential risk to your ability to drive – and this is when you may find yourself in a bit of trouble.

It’s not just mess on the inside of your car that you have to worry about either, as you’ll also need to make sure the exterior isn’t too dirty.

If your mirrors or windscreen is too filthy to properly see out of, then you could bit hit with a fine for this too, and on top of that, if your number plate is so dirty that the numbers or letters are obscured and can’t be read clearly, this could also result in a fine

So, what kind of fines are we talking then?

Drivers are being warned they could receive a fine of up £100 for having a messy car / Credit: Clean Me

Well, if you’re found to be driving without due care and attention, then police can give you a £100 on-the-spot fine and three penalty points on your licence, and if it’s a more serious case, then you could end up in court where you’ll face a £2,500 fine or even a driving ban.

“Whilst there is no fine for having a messy interior, clutter if bad enough can also fall under the careless driving rule leading to a fine of up to £100,” Jamie Louram, Halfords’ car cleaning buyer, told the Express.


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“As a general rule, keep your car clutter-free to avoid any dangerous situations such as things getting stuck under the brake pedal or blocking your view.

If your vehicle becomes too cluttered internally, it poses a potential risk to your ability to drive / Credit: iStockPhoto

Providing a few additional tips, Jamie continued: “It’s crucial to check that your mirrors are clean and clear every time you use your car, as anything that may obstruct your vision will make it dangerous to drive [and] any kind of dirt or grime on the windscreen can be incredibly dangerous as it can impact your view of the road ahead.


“In some instances, having a dirty windscreen could be seen as careless driving and land motorists with a fine of up to £100 and points on the licence if an accident occurs as a result.

“Grime can build up on the windscreen over time, so give it a good wash to ensure visibility is at its optimum whilst out on the roads.”

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