Manchester tram driver tells rush-hour passengers that Covid vaccine cured him of being ‘a right miserable sod’

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 13th January 2022

Commuters in Manchester were surprised yesterday by an unexpected comedy routine from their tram driver.

People travelling on a service between Bury and the city centre on Wednesday morning were treated to one Metrolink’s perkiest employees telling hilarious stories about vaccine side-effects.

The tram driver hopped on the tannoy when the service was passing through Abraham Moss to say that he’s ‘not been right’ ever since getting his Covid vaccine.

The wannabe comic said that the jab ‘completely changed’ his personality and cured him of being ‘a right miserable sod’.

So severe have his changes to character been, the man claimed, that his wife is now convinced he’s having an affair.


Footage captured by The Manc captured part of the unexpected outburst.

The tram driver can be heard saying: “I’ve not been right ever since, I tell ya.


“All of a sudden, I’ve become extremely friendly to everyone.

“I used to be a right miserable sod ladies and gentleman, and now I’ve even started talking to my neighbours.

Metrolink trams. Credit: TfGM

“I’m in deep shock, I just can’t get over it.


“But it’s not all fun and games for me ladies and gentlemen at the moment.

“Because I was such a grumpy old fella, and now my whole personality’s changed completely – you wouldn’t believe this I tell ya – the wife thinks I’m having an affair!

“I just can’t believe it. Do you feel sorry for me?”

Earlier in the journey, he urged people to ‘pop the kettle on for a nice brew’ as soon as they made it to their destinations.

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The witty Metrolink employee was also spotted on Twitter, with Zack Hallam labelling him an ‘absolute legend’.

Metrolink responded to Zack’s video: “He loves a story time! Thanks for your kind comments Zack. I’ll get this passed onto our team. Have a lovely day!”

One person commented: “This driver is a legend …. Love it when he’s on the Eccles line.

“Although he does need to stop the Jigsaw joke and get some new material.”

Featured image: TfGM