McDonald’s addresses questions over ‘expired’ dates on Monopoly stickers

The fast food giant's ever-popular promotion started last month after being postponed due the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 2nd September 2021

McDonald’s has been forced to address customers’ questions over dates on certain Monopoly stickers.

The fast food giant’s ever-popular Monopoly promotion started last month after being postponed due the COVID-19 pandemic, but some shoppers have been left confused by the dates written inside the stickers on food items.

Some of the stickers appear to have already “expired” dates printed on.

Customers whose eagle eyes have spotted the previously-passed dates have been taking social media over the past few days to flag up the issue and ask McDonald’s whether or not prizes can still be redeemed if they win.

One confused customer said on Twitter: “Loved that McDonalds monopoly was back… Mind you there’s no prizes coz all the stickers are out of date. One job lads. One job.”


“I was excited to try out my monopoly game codes online from the meals I just purchased. None of them winners, but no surprise as ALL of the expiry dates have passed,” another disappointed shopper said on Twitter.

After countless questions directed at the restaurant chain on social media, McDonald’s has been forced to speak out and clear up the confusing situation once and for all.


Taking to Twitter to explain what’s happened with the dates, McDonald’s UK said: “The dates might be wrong but your MONOPOLY Game Pieces are all still valid, don’t panic.

“The new dates are below.”

It also issued a friendly reminder to those posting pictures of their tickets, explaining: “And remember, when you post photos of your Games Pieces, others can claim your prizes – don’t let anybody steal your Apple Pie…”


McDonald’s confirmed that the dates are wrong because the stickers were printed before the competition was re-scheduled, so fans should just ignore the dates.

Pieces which show a “play until” date of 4 May 2021 will still be valid until 5 October 2021.

The following new expiry dates also apply:

  • Collect to win non-food prizes: Old date 4 June 2021, new date 11 November 2021
  • Collect to win food prizes: Old date 18 May 2021, new date 19 October 2021
  • Instant win non-food prize or discount: Old date 4 June 2021, new date 5 November 2021
  • Instant win food or Just Eat vouchers: Old date 18 May 2021, new date 19 October 2021
  • Instant win discount voucher (excluding Just Eat): Old date 31 August 2021 or earlier, new date 31 January 2022
  • Online game: Old date 5 May 2021, new date 15 October 2021

Lucky players in McDonald’s Monopoly 2021 could win up to £100,000 in cash this year, as well as an Ibiza holiday, a hot tub, or even a £1,000 home entertainment voucher.

Speaking about this year’s promotion, a McDonald’s UK spokesperson said: “Packaging and Game Pieces printed prior to rescheduling couldn’t be securely reprinted in time, so new dates apply – consumers must see the website or ask in restaurants to find details of all rescheduled enter-from/until dates and claim or redeem prizes-by dates.”

Featured Image – Pxfuel