Oldham headteacher investigated over old tweets calling students ‘chavs’ and ‘Jabba the sl*t’

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 28th October 2022

An investigation has been launched after a headteacher from Oldham was found mocking her students in a series of historic tweets.

Rachael Hallam, who is the headteacher of The Oldham Academy North in the Greater Manchester borough, is said to be being investigated after several tweets she posted over a decade ago where she branded pupils “massive slags”, “chavvy”, and even called one “Jabba the sl*t” have been uncovered, the Metro reports.

Ms Hallam was allegedly responding to actress Jameela Jamil, who tweeted that ‘Jabba the sl*t’ was the “best name I’ve heard”, to which the headteacher revealed that: “We used to call a girl at school this. I’m the teacher.”

In another tweet, Ms Hallam was found to have written: “We can throw things at the chav, a classic example of having no GCSEs.”

She also tweeted in response to another Twitter user: “But Dale, you are black.”

A selection of Ms Hallam’s uncovered historic tweets / Credit: Twitter

After the tweets were uncovered, and the allegations began doing the rounds on social media, Ms Hallam’s Twitter account was quickly deleted – however, by this point, screenshots of the tweets had already been spread across Twitter and TikTok and had started to go viral, which has subsequently lead to an investigation being launched.

The trust that runs Oldham Academy North has confirmed an investigation into Ms Hallam’s online activity is underway, and that it is taking all allegations “seriously”.


The trust said the tweets were shared prior to Ms Hallam’s employment with them.

Rachael Hallam, the headteacher of The Oldham Academy North / Credit: The Oldham Academy North

A spokesperson for E-ACT, the trust that runs the school, said in a statement: “We are aware of allegations relating to historical social media activity by a member of staff at one of our academies, prior to their employment with us [and] we take any allegation of discrimination seriously.

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“We are reviewing the material that has come to our attention and will handle this through our usual internal processes.”


The school has been contacted for comment, but is yet to respond.

Featured Image – E-ACT (via Facebook)