Oldham resident calls police after spotting ‘tiger’ in a back garden

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 23rd March 2022

Police officers in Oldham were called out this week to reports of a tiger on the lose.

A concerned member of the public rang Oldham Police saying they’d seen a big cat ‘pawing in the grass’.

Officers scrambled to the scene to assess the situation – but the tiger they found wasn’t exactly what had been reported.

They found that the call was in fact all about a large stuffed toy, which they’ve now nicknamed Tony.

The amusing mishap took place on Monday evening.

The ‘tiger’ in Oldham. Credit: Facebook, GMP Oldham Central

A photo shared by GMP shows what does appear to be a tiger lounging at the foot of a tree, though the person who dialled it in might want to consider a trip to Specsavers.

GMP updated their followers on the ‘concern for welfare’ incident yesterday.


The post reads: “Yesterday evening Oldham Police earned their stripes when they were contacted by a concerned member of the public of a Tiger lose in nearby gardens that appeared to be pawing in the grass.

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“Officers arrived quickly and after evaluating the situation agreed it was in fact not a real animal but a toy – Tony The Tiger!


“Tony the Tiger was asked for a comment about Oldham police he said ‘They’re grrrrrrrreat!’

“Tony is now safely booked into property at Oldham Police station.”

Featured image: Wikimedia Commons