Someone’s made the entire Manchester Metropolitan University campus on Minecraft

It has been described as "scarily accurate" by one previous student.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 21st September 2020

When it comes to selecting a top choice university, a campus tour is a fundamental part of ensuring an institution is the right one for you.

With around 80,000 new and returning students set to arrive in the city over these new few weeks, freshers attending Manchester Metropolitan University who are perhaps looking to familiarise themselves with their new home have been offered a rather unique look at the campus they’ll be spending a lot of time on as someone has taken the time to recreate the whole thing on popular video game Minecraft.

Impressive, right?

The uncanny recreation was pulled off thanks to a “team effort” by u/ManMet_BusinessTech.

The four-minute video tour showcasing the campus build – primarily focussing on the Business School facilities – was posted to the r/Minecraft thread on the popular social media platform Reddit last week and caught the attentions of those who regularly play Minecraft and both past and current students of the university.


The tour takes you through many well-known sites on the university’s campus including the All Saints Park area and the Business School, as well as a number of student common areas and lecture halls.

It has been described as “scarily accurate” by one previous student.


The praise didn’t end their either as another impressed ex-student commented that they “never thought [they’d] be able to spot my first year halls room [on a Minecraft build]”.

When asked in the comment thread how long it took to fully recreate the university’s campus in the game, u/ManMet_BusinessTech replied: “It was a team effort over a couple of months, we had 3D models of the buildings which provides a starting point, but then a lot of clean up and adding the interiors based on images and floor plans.”

They added that: “five students worked on it and were supported by staff” and that they are now “using the map in teaching for programming and other topics using Minecraft Education Edition”.


Responding to another ex-business student at the university, they also admitted that “it was a weird experience working on this in MC and then returning back to real world campus.”

Well, it’s safe to say we’re impressed – nice one, u/ManMet_BusinessTech.