Floating record shop launches Crowdfunder after boat sinks in Manchester canal 

The boat hit litter in the water.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 10th May 2023

A record store based on board a canal boat has sunk after becoming tangled in litter in a Manchester waterway. 

Rubber Ducky Records was making its way to the city for summer when disaster struck and it sank, destroying all the record equipment on board as well as around 1000 vinyls. 

The brilliant project was only launched last October after an 18-month renovation of the boat, and had already taken off to the point that its owner, Myles Greenwood, had turned it into a full-time job. 

He’s now desperately trying to get the business afloat again through a Go Fund Me

Rubber Ducky Records has already secured more than £7,000 of its £15,000 target. 


Myles wrote that the vessel will need a full refit, a new engine, new equipment and new stock before she can run as a record shop again. 

He said that he’d been making his way from Hebden Bridge to Greater Manchester when the boat’s propellor became tangled in what he believes was a rug or mattress, breaking the stern gland and causing it to sink. 


Myles wrote: “As you may know Rubber Ducky Records is a floating/sunken record shop. I was just about to get into my first major city of Manchester after a 6 week journey from Hebden Bridge battling engine issues and canal closures.

“I hit catastrophe at the last hurdle and a rug or mattress caught on the propellor and broke my stern gland. Sadly the boat sank and I lost around 1000 records and all the equipment inside the boat. (Turntables, amplifiers, electronics etc).”

He added: “The plan was to relocate to the great musical city of Manchester where I would set up shop again bringing the positive spirit of Rubber Ducky Records with it.


“I haven’t given up on the dream but she will need a full refit inside, a new engine, new stock, and new equipment.

“Any donation large or small is greatly appreciated and thanks to the support of community spirit and humanity I’m feeling quite chipper about everything.”

You can make a donation to Rubber Ducky Records’ crowdfunder here.

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Featured image: Rubber Ducky Records