Five huge things the council are doing in 2020 to change Manchester for the better

Manchester City Council has announced five major projects designed to change Manchester for the better in 2020.  

According to a council statement issued on social media, the schemes have been put into action to help "build better city roads with free-moving traffic, safer cycling, pleasant pedestrian spaces and air-cleansing greenery."

But of course, every renovation comes with risk of disruption. Listed below are the regions due for redevelopment during the year - including the reasons for the work and information surrounding the temporary removal of usual routes.

Great Ancoats Street

Prime Location

One of the busiest roads in the city and a key access route in and out of Manchester, Great Ancoats Street is experiencing a higher rate of road accidents than ever before.

The street is also no longer "befitting" of the area, given all the recent development in the surrounding region.

That's why there are big plans for redevelopment, with the council promising:

  • Fit-for-purpose crossings; making travelling by foot or bicycle from the city centre to the surrounding neighbourhoods easier/safer
  • Resurfacing of the road with new, modern materials to reduce noise by 40%
  • Landscaping to make the route more attractive

The work is commencing as we speak, and will take several months to complete, so you'll need to plan ahead for potential delays.

Hyde Road

Gerald England/Geograph

The pinch point on Hyde Road between Far Lane and Wall Way, where the road turns from four lanes into two, is a constant nuisance for motorists - and the council are planning to resolve the issue this year.

The hope is this will reduce congestion and journey times - especially during rush hour.

The railway bridge is going to be demolished and two new lanes are being turned into a dual carriageway.

During work, the bridge that carries the Fallowfield Loop over Hyde Road will be removed, but there will be several access points either side. Two lanes of traffic are going to be maintained whilst the project is ongoing.

Manchester to Chorlton Cycle Way

Place North West

Modern cycle lanes are going to be introduced on Chorlton Road this year - along with a number of pedestrian-friendly junctions.

This represents one of MCC's aims to "support long-term, sustainable economic growth and access to opportunities for all" whilst adhering to the Greater Manchester 2040 transport strategy.

Work begins soon, and the council claim the project will take three months to complete. Some closures will occur. More info will be available once the project is fully underway.

Princess Road and Medlock Street roundabout

An outdated travel network on the Princess Road roundabout has been leaving pedestrians and cyclists stranded for some time now.

But in 2020, the council has plans to replace the roundabout with two branching (spur) roads, allowing direct access to the city centre and Mancunian Way from Princess Road. This will offer people much safer routes than taking the underpass, whilst improving the appearance of the region overall.

Work will take place from 9.30am to 3.30pm, Monday to Friday, so there should be minimal disruption to journeys during rush hour.

Stockport Road

Gerald England/Geograph

An additional lane is being built on Stockport Road, between Mitre Road and St John's Road, this year to improve traffic flow around Longsight.

There will also be a new pedestrian crossing installed, along with a segregated cycle track.

Work will begin in February and is expected to last until August 2020. The council has commented they will strive to keep disruption to a minimum.

To read the council's full plans for Manchester in 2020, head over to their website.

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