How CBD oil gave two Mancs a new lease of life – and a booming business

Dr. Ed is the leading supplier of quality CBD oil in Manchester - sending more than 100,000 units to doors around the world; including those belonging to football and soap stars.

The Manc The Manc - 22nd September 2020

“I’d have a call with a client, and then as soon as the phone went down, I’d think: ‘He probably thought I was a dickhead.’”

Alex McMillan is remembering his life before CBD oil. 

It was a time when he worked in the marketing sector, and every move he made was subject to scrutiny. 

“I’d put off everything,” he tells The Manc. 

“I’d refuse to open emails, I’d delay doing tasks. 


“My self-confidence was at an all-time low, and I didn’t want to go out as much. 

“It’s hard to explain unless you have it. But anxiety just made me hyperanalyse everything.”


Millions in the UK suffer from anxiety. According to the NHS, more than 5% of people in the country are out there right now, struggling to manage the problems that arise as a result of the condition. 

Finding a way to relieve symptoms can prove to be a huge challenge. 

But, in true British fashion, Alex’s path to recovery began with a bonding session in the pub. 


Pints in hand, Alex talked it all through with his buddy Ed, and with his knowledge they came to the conclusion that CBD oil – a liquid extracted from cannabis – could be a potential solution. 

Dr. Edward Jones, who happened to have an extensive background in Neuroscience and numerous degrees from the University of Manchester, whipped up a recipe. 

And it worked a dream. 

Anecdotally, CBD has been proven effective for many people in tackling mental health conditions such as anxiety, and Alex is a walking success story. 

But instead of keeping the remedy all to themselves, they decided to roll it out to the rest of the world. 


18 months ago, these two Manchester lads officially set up a company to produce CBD oil. 

They called it: ‘Dr. Ed®’. 

Today, the brand is the leading supplier of quality CBD oil in Manchester – sending more than 100,000 units to doors around the world; including those belonging to football and soap stars. 

“Without naming specific names, I can’t believe how far it’s come and the diversity of our customers – from all walks of life.” Alex chuckles. 

Now that its health benefits are all but confirmed, CBD oil is rapidly becoming a saturated marketplace. 


But Dr. Ed has blossomed for two key reasons. 

First and foremost, it actually does what it says on the bottle. And second, it boasts some of the best flavours you’re ever likely to find in CBD oil, according to its founders.   

“We use specifically grown Californian hemp which is then processed using advanced techniques with no harsh chemicals or solvent to produce raw CBD oil’ Ed explains.

“We also include added terpenes that give it a great taste. One of the biggest problems with a lot of CBD is that it often tastes awful; many cannot get over the inherently ‘weedy’ and ‘earthy’ taste and terpenes do wonders for the palatability.

“The most successful users of CBD take it every day and experiment with timing and dosing schedules. So if the oil doesn’t taste good, you’re not going to stick to it which is why flavour profile is so important to us.’’


Happy customers have come flooding back to Dr. Ed after enjoying relief from anxiety; and by tweaking the formula, Dr Edward Jones has found a way to help ease other common ailments, too. 

Their CBD oil range has now expanded from anxiety cures to pain relief, insomnia remedies and even PMS problems. 

Other oils in the catalogue have also shown an ability to increase users’ libido and their energy levels based in part on the inclusion of other active ingredients alongside CBD.

Cannabis without THC – the part of the plant that triggers a psychoactive response – has acquired growing stature in the medicinal world over the past few years. 

Whilst there remains tight regulation on the plant itself, CBD oil has been declared not only safe and legal but even healthful. 


“The rules are that the products have to be produced from hemp that contain less than 0.2% THC, and the final product must contain no more than 1mg of THC” Ed explains. 

“Ours have zero THC as detected by our current lab partners.’

“We triple-batch test to make sure there’s no THC in there at all – and also to confirm each bottle contains the amount of CBD we say there is on the label. 

“Sting operations among CBD oils are common. Many find that very little CBD is actually in there. But we always make sure there’s exactly the right amount.”

Alex calls their production process ‘fairly simple’, but ‘second-to-none’ in terms of results. 


“All the plants are grown and harvested in California, they extract the CBD and other cannabinoids, turning it into a waxy resin. This high quality resin is then processed by us in different ways to generate our unique product line’’, he tells us. 

“It’s pretty simple, it’s just about getting those ingredients right and ensuring our mixing processes are accurate, reliable and clean. ‘’

Dr. Ed CBD has three full time members on the team right now, with numerous other part time support staff but they’re looking to triple full-time staff numbers by the end of the year. 

A far cry from the job-cutting stories most businesses are despondently sharing in 2020. 

The brand is also aiming to grow throughout Europe with more production plants – increasing distribution and expanding the product range. 


“I’m more confident and I’m a better person to be around since taking the oil,” says Alex. 

“It’s just helped so much.”

With six-figure sales since launch, it looks like Dr. Ed’s oil has gone far beyond patient zero.

Thousands with anxiety are suddenly starting to feel a lot better.

Learn more about the products available from Dr. Ed by visiting the company website