Manchester city centre was a very different place this Easter weekend

Paul Walsh/YouTube

Authorities were deeply concerned about the potential for a disastrous Easter in Manchester. 

The prior weekend's sunny weather saw more than 600 impromptu parties erupt around the city, and Greater Manchester Police admitted they were heading into the bank holiday fearing further breaches.

Unique campaigns were launched to encourage people to spend their Easter indoors.

And the incredible footage below suggests that Manchester did exactly that.

Steven McInerney shared a video to the Mint Manchester Facebook group during the twilight of the Easter break - urging fellow members to feast their eyes on some remarkable images of a city in total hibernation.

Photographer Paul Walsh captured the images during his daily walks in the city centre; compiling a rare video of Manchester as a deserted metropolis populated with more pigeons and ducks than people.

The description states: "Proud to see Manchester empty its streets on the Easter bank holiday during the coronavirus lockdown in the UK. A flash of sunshine normally has this city up dancing on the beer garden tables, but not this year.

"I hope you're all staying safe wherever you are!"

Paul Walsh/YouTube

The footage will prove both hypnotic and reassuring to viewers - revealing that many in Manchester did stick to the rules despite the sunshine and extra days off.

It is hoped that COVID-19 cases and deaths will level off during lockdown, although the true effectiveness of the quarantine should become clearer in the coming days.

Government officials are still reluctant to ease restrictions, so the streets must remain abandoned for the time being.

For now, all we can do is stay indoors, ponder these peculiar sights of an empty city, and commit them to memory.

One day soon, they will be their overcrowded selves again.

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