The 2020 ‘Top 10 Worst Places to Live in England’ list


Unless you were living under a rock in 2019, you'd have seen I Live Here's list of the top 10 worst places to live in 2019, as voted by the British population.

We covered the list, mainly because Rochdale came in third and Blackpool came in seventh – and it quickly became our most popular article ever (and still is).

Now it's time for an update, because the guys behind the incredibly popular website have collated the results for 2020 and a whopping 80,000 of you had your say this year – and yes, Rochdale has featured again.


Half of last year’s towns failed to get in this year's top 10, making way for some new sh*t holes.

Previous winners and favourites like Dover, Blackpool (despite being England’s most deprived town) and even Hull, just didn’t make the cut. So has your town made it into the Hall of Shame?


Top 10 Worst places to live in England 2020

10. Halifax

9. Stoke-on-Trent

8. Wakefield

7. Keighley

6. Nottingham

5. Rotherham

4. Rochdale

3. Huddersfield

2. Doncaster

1. Peterborough

The 2020 list is a bit of a mixture, but the ever-present Rochdale has made sure it continues to fly the flag for Greater Manchester as one of England's crappest towns, and we couldn't be prouder. However, it is worth noting that the Dale DID drop down one place this year to make way for our semi-neighbours, Huddersfield.

There was also a returning champ as Peterborough reclaimed its crown as the number one voted dirt hole in the UK after obliterating the competition last year and this year.

Has your town made the cut? Are you satisfied with the list or are towns missing? Let us know in the comments and check out the extensive top 10 list over on I Live Here, here.

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