The 5 best chippies in Greater Manchester according to you

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"No. It's greasy, disgusting s***."

This was the response I got after attempting to turn an American onto a staple of the traditional British diet: The Chippy Tea.

It was a damning indictment, and for a chippy lover, it was a disappointing one to hear. But he's not alone.

If you weren’t raised on chippy teas, it can be hard to understand how anyone could grow up scoffing fried potatoes out of newspaper wrapping and enjoy the pleasure.

Still, we can’t help it. Fish and chips is an unparalleled comfort food here in the UK, possessing an inimitable odour that can conjure up some of the fondest childhood memories (as well as a sudden surge in appetite).

Greater Manchester, like much of Britain, is inundated with cafes serving crispy batter out of sizzling deep fryers. And this got us wondering: Which ones are the best?

The Manc decided to put the question out to our readers - and we got loads of responses on this one.

Ray's, left, Armstrongs, right / Andy Pratt

The competition was tight – but these five chippies came out on top:

  1. Ray’s Fish & Chip Shop, Haughton Green
  2. Armstrongs, Prestwich
  3. Town Fryer, Swinton
  4. The Good Catch, Urmston
  5. Steve’s Chippy aka Walkden Bar, Walkden

Ray's earned big points among voters for both its food and service, with one customer - who'd been visiting for 25 years - commenting: "When you have ordered and are waiting in the shop he gives you food while you wait!"

There were also several votes for Bernie's in Blackley, Diggle Chippy in Oldham and The Battered Cod on Ladybarn Lane, whilst Ancoats had two popular chippies in the shape of Tony's and the Hip-Hop Chip Shop.

A special mention also goes to the legendary Tommy’s Chippy in Middleton Gardens, which was cited by many as the very best before it closed its doors back in 2008.

Modern Fish and Chips/Wikimedia Commons

But what about your local chippy? Did it deserve to make the cut?

Leave your comments below and let us know if there’s a caf or takeaway that deserves a spot in the higher echelons of the chippy tea ranks.

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