The best Mancunian slang words, according to you


The whole world knows what we sound like. Mancs have a habit of making themselves heard.

Regardless of whether it's the Gallaghers, Nevilles or Corrie cast proudly rattling off our local phrases, it's clear our city communicates in a very specific way.

'Manc' is laced with its own homespun lingo, tone and twang that's identifiable mere seconds after it trips off the tongue.

When it comes to determining what's best about our dialect, though, we're often left at loggerheads.

So, we've decided to try and settle this once and for all. We asked you, our audience, to tell us your favourite Manc slang.

And we got some mint responses...


Your official favourites are as follows...

  • Adding "me" to the end of a sentence

"Love that me. Hate that me. Don't mind that me." Whatever the scenario, Mancs always like to clarify that it's their own opinion.

  • Dead

"Very" = wrong. "Dead" = right.

  • 'Angin/Mingin'/Bobbins

The best ways to describe the worst.

  • R kid

The greatest greeting ever: "Aright, r kid?!"

  • Skrikin'

A real favourite among the older gen.

  • Mint

You know you've made a Manc happy when they reply with this one little word. It's the ultimate accolade. "That is mint."

  • Scran

All food falls below this banner in Mancunia. "Cracking scran, this."

  • Brew

Somehow a "brew" will always taste better than a "cuppa"...

"Chuffed" and "mithered" got a few mentions among our readers, too, along with a couple of classics from back in the day: "give over" and "what ya sayin?".

There was also a special mention for "knob 'ed": "I know we didn't invent it but we say it the best" said one responder.

Another commenter from Slovenia admitted to having fallen in love with the Manc accent, before reeling off some of their favourite phrases: "Do one will ya?!, That's dead mint that!, brew, sorted... To many to choose just one!"

Wikimedia Commons

The Manc dictionary is bigger, wider and weirder than most people think - and there's probably more local slang out there that didn't even make our list above.

Drop your suggestions in the comments below.

Thanks, r kid.

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