This pandemic trained cat uses the human loo and it’s brilliant

Anna Aslanova

If ever there was a time for cats to use the human loo, that time would be now.

For the owners of house cats across the country, cat litter is just one of the things on the long list of items they have been stocking up on amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, but it seems one Manchester family has got the right idea.

Just train your cat to use the human loo.

Anna Aslanova posted pictures on her social accounts of her three year old cat, Patches, hard at work doing her 'business' and given the fact you don't see this sort of thing every day, it seems to have got a lot of people talking.

In her post, Anna said that: "at first people laughed and thought we were weird for training the cat to use the human toilet", but our guess is that those people won't be laughing quite as much now.

Speaking to us about why her and partner Josh chose to train Patches to use the human loo, Anna said:

"My Grandad in Moscow had his cat toilet trained and so we got the idea to do the same from him. I grew up with cats using the human toilet so I never thought it was strange until I told people".

"We decided to train Patches not only for convenience, but also to save money as we have managed to save over £80 in doing so".

It's hygienic, environmentally friendly with less waste, saves money and saves time on cleaning too. It's actually pretty genius, right? Well yes, but it does take a bit of work though, we might add.

Anna told us: "[Training] took around 3-4 months, with accidents along the way, but with catnip by our side, we managed to get her using the toilet. We trained her using a ‘cat toilet kit’ which is basically like a potty seat for cats. You have a round, flat plate and then you cut holes in it little by little using flushable cat litter until eventually they jump on without anything just as a habit".

Anna added that Patches is: "incredibly dog-like and she is very friendly, not like other cats I’ve had", so whilst we're not quite sure how well this toilet training trick works with your typical sassy and antisocial cat, we do know it's got to be worth a try at least.

Just be ready for a few little accidents here and there.

Nice one, Patches.

As many feline friends do in this digital age, Patches also has an Instagram account, so make sure to give her a follow - @a_cat_called_patches

If you're a cat owner looking for a slightly different activity to occupy your time whilst social distancing or self-isolating, then hey, we think we've found your best bet here.

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