You can get paid £38k to become an ‘adult toy’ tester


An interesting role has just, erm, opened up at

The online retailer is looking to hire an "Intimate Customer Service Manager", which is an eloquent description for Professional Sex Toy Tester.

Successful candidates are permitted - and highly recommended - to work from home, and there's a satisfying payslip of £38,000 for your services.


Onbuy's adult section receives over 500 customer queries a month - and you'll be tasked with answering them.

The full job description is as follows: "If successful, you will receive a selection of intimate products from the site every month to make yourself familiar with, in order to answer customer inquiries effectively. You will also be asked to provide feedback in order to improve the product description onsite and customer experience."

You'll also need to have: "proven knowledge of sex-related products" as well as "excellent customer service and communication skills."


Fancy taking your career in a spicy new direction?

You've got until February 28 to send your CV and cover letter to [email protected] Discover more about the role here.

Have fun...

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