Manchester’s most in-demand pasta restaurant is opening a new location

A six month-long waiting list at their pop-up has lead to them finding their very own restaurant.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 25th March 2024

Onda, the pasta restaurant that’s so popular people are waiting MONTHS for a table, has confirmed plans for a new location in Manchester.

The restaurant had recently announced that they would be moving out of The New Cross, where they’ve been in residence since last summer.

And now they have teased details of a brand new restaurant all for themselves.

Onda’s popularity has grown so quickly, they’ve had people booking tables up to six months in advance.

It’s made a name for itself with its handmade pasta dishes, including (my personal favourite) the nduja vodka pasta sharer.


Onda also went quite ridiculously viral last September when they shared a video of their tiramisu drawer – yep, a whole drawer, full of tiramisu, which they generously scoop out and plop onto plates to order.

It’s had more than 57 million views across Instagram and TikTok, with subsequent behind-the-scenes posts also hitting millions of views apiece.


The pudding drawer even caught the eye of Hollywood a-lister Florence Pugh. Which didn’t help with the demand to get a table.

So now Onda is branching out, with its very own restaurant space in Manchester set to open mid-May.

They’ve today shared a photo of their brand new location, down at Circle Square on Oxford Road.


It’s a brilliant new addition to the area, which is already home to Federal (another place prone to a big queue) and North Taproom – but which recently lost gig venue Canvas, and New Zealand brunch spot Tahi.

Onda has said that their new restaurant will have around 48 covers in the main dining space, with about 26 more in the bar area.

Those who had tables booked at The New Cross will be given priority access to tables for the new restaurant, with Onda apologising for ‘letting those down’ who have been waiting as long as October to dine with them.

They wrote: “This was a really tough decision to make, first and foremost because we had to let down those who have booked with us but also financially as a popup it’s a huge hit for us to lose a month of revenue.

“A lot of these bookings were made in October/November and we hadn’t foreseen this demand for Onda in a million years, in August/September we were touch and go each week and a month later we had bookings being made 6 months in advance.”


Speaking of leaving The New Cross for their new ‘perfect’ site, Onda said: “A massive thank you to everyone who’s visited us since we moved to @thenewcross in August, and to Chris + Rach, the owners of the bar and their team here for all their help and support. I’m not sure either us or them ever anticipated it to go quite like it did. It went mad.

“At times trying to run a restaurant from someone’s else’s bar was chaos to say the least but the feedback has made it all worth it and we’re really excited to properly open our own space in May.”

Onda Pasta Bar will open at Circle Square on Oxford Road in mid-March.

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Featured image: The Manc Group