Manchester Airport issues statement on ‘challenges’ to travellers stuck in long queues again

"This is not the experience we want passengers to have at Manchester Airport."

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 30th May 2022

Manchester Airport has released a statement acknowledging its current “challenges” today as hundreds of travellers are stuck in long queues once again.

It comes after what has been weeks of travel bedlam at the UK’s third largest airport yet again, with many experiencing cancellations by individual airlines, including easyJet and TUI, and streams of other passengers left queueing for hours at check-in desks and baggage drop-off points.

In some of the most unfortunate reported cases in recent weeks, delays have been so severe that passengers have missed their flights altogether. 

Airport bosses had previously spoken out to warn that the chaos could continue “over the next few months“.

And now, with it being the start of half term in Greater Manchester and the week of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, social media has been flooded with pictures of queues once again this morning – which has forced the Manchester Airport to issue an update for anyone planning on travelling in the coming weeks. 


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In its statement released this morning, Manchester Airport has stressed that it is “aware of challenges being faced by a number of airlines and handling agents”.


The statement continued: “Airlines and their ground handlers are responsible for their own check-in and baggage handling services [and] passengers are advised to direct any questions or concerns about these issues, or anything relating to their flight, to their airline, who will be best placed to respond – however, this is not the experience we want passengers to have at Manchester Airport.”

“We are sorry to hear customers have faced disruption,” airport bosses added.

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Manchester Airport insisted in its latest statement that it is in contact with the senior management teams and ground handlers of the affected airlines to “understand the cause of these issues”, and said it will be supporting their efforts to “resolve them as quickly as possible”.

The statement continued: “Our colleagues are on hand in the terminal to provide assistance to customers.

“We are working hard to ensure security waiting times are as quick as possible.”

Following on from the last time it issued and reiterated travel advice, the Airport rounded out its statement today saying that it “remains our advice that passengers should arrive three hours before their flight and to be as prepared as they can be for their journey through the airport.”

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