The Facebook button you didn’t know about that could save someone’s life


Sometimes, a social media post can be a window into someone's mind-set. 

When you spot a despondent, unusual or cryptic status on Facebook, it may be an indication that something really isn't right.

Typing a supportive response or getting in touch doesn't always feel appropriate - which can leave you feeling helpless.

Fortunately, there is a little button on Facebook that gives people the crucial support they might need.

Facebook user Wammo Walmsley recently uploaded a post about a hidden safety feature on the platform - explaining its potential to prevent someone you love from doing something drastic.

It reads: "Did you know that if you're worried about someone and their mental health because of a status they've posted but have no idea how to help, you can request for Facebook to check in on them and offer them help.

"Click on the three dots in the right hand corner of their post. Select 'find support or report post'. Click on 'suicide or self injury' and submit.


"That person will get a little notification from Facebook asking if they need help, and can select to talk to a friend or find out support helplines, or even find advice on how to support themselves. And if you're worried they will be upset/angry at you....It's all completely anonymous.

"So next time your friend writes that ominous status, you have a tool to try and reach out and help them. Sometimes just knowing someone is listening and cares is all someone needs."


But it's not just Facebook that has these types of prevention and support measures in place.

Social media channels Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube and Periscope also have built-in features to help those struggling with mental health.

Please take the time to read about these safety processes here – you never know when someone may need a helping hand.

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