Jack Grealish surprises disabled superfan Finlay, who inspired his goal celebration, with video call

Look how chuffed Finlay is.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 23rd November 2022

Jack Grealish has surprised Finlay, the young lad who inspired his World Cup goal celebration, with a video call.

The heartwarming exchange between the Manchester City attacking midfielder and the 11-year-old boy was shared by the official England squad account.

The pair have struck up an unlikely friendship after Grealish received a letter from superfan Finlay, who has Cerebral Palsy, and decided to surprise him at City Football Academy’s disability sessions.

During that meeting, Grealish promised to do a celebration for Finlay if he scored a goal in the World Cup – and he kept his promise.

Grealish is currently playing in the World Cup tournament over in Qatar, scoring a goal in England’s first match against Iran on Monday.


And true to his word, he performed a mad little arm-wave, body-roll, worm-like movement, as per Finlay’s request.

He Tweeted afterwards: “For you Finlay” with a love heart emoji.


He’s now checked back in with Finlay, who has become something of a star in his own right, over a video call.

You can watch the full exchange between the two below, including a surprise appearance from Finlay’s very excited teenage sister.

Grealish said to him: “You’ve got a big smile on your face. You’ve been famous ain’t you? You’ve been everywhere the past 24 hours.”


He then said: “I was buzzing to get the goal and then I could do my little celebration just for you. You were always in the back of my mind mate.”

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Finlay was wearing the signed Manchester City shirt that he was given earlier this month for the call.

He told the football star: “I’m going to watch every single game.”

Featured image: England, via Twitter