Kate Abdo gives a masterclass in comebacks after Jamie Carragher’s awkward relationship comments

Done and dusted with an immaculate put-down in less than a minute and a half.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 14th March 2024

Sports presenter Kate Abdo gave her fellow broadcasters and viewers watching at home an absolute masterclass in comebacks on CBS Sports last night as she responded to Jamie Carragher’s recent on-air comments about her relationship with a wink and a nod.

No more, no less and absolutely perfect from start to finish.

For those unaware of the minor controversy, Carragher came under fire for making a jokey but undeniably awkward remark suggesting that the Manchester-born journalist and TV personality Abdo wasn’t “loyal” to her partner, Malik Scott.

Here’s how it went down during their Champions League coverage earlier this week.

The intensely cringeworthy moment Carragher suggests Abdo is cheating on her boyfriend on live television.

Not only did the joke go down like a lead balloon but as many online were saying at the time, as well simply going ‘too far’ — with many asking, “What was he thinking?” and some even going so far as to label him a “chauvinist tw*t” — it was also seen as private and therefore inappropriate to say publicly.


However, although clearly uncomfortable for a brief moment following the controversial quip, rather than letting the small spit spiral out of control and even deeming Carra’s attempt to get a laugh worthy of calling her loyalty into question, she instead dished a calm, composed and comedic comeback.

We couldn’t have summed up her response any better than this comment did: “Kate Abdo is absolutely class man, she handled this whole thing so well. In today’s world, 99% of people would’ve played the ‘cancel’ card and gotten Carragher off the show. Others should aspire to act like her in such scenarios.”


Here’s how chose to approach the whole thing — in style:

Kate Abdo’s expert comeback to Carragher’s comments. That’s him told and the ‘drama’ buried in the blink of an eye.

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Absolutely flawless.

As you can see, there are still plenty of people unhappy with the former Liverpool and England defender turned pundit but it’s clear that ‘r Kate has already buried the hatchet, and has let him off the hook as the “annoying family member will still love and accept”.


Moving swiftly on and getting back to what the quartet do best: Abdo being excellent at her job, flattering Thierry Henry, winding up Carragher and putting the mick in Micah Richards, as he still ended up being the final butt of the joke — but as she put it herself, he’s “impossible not to love”.

You can always trust us Mancs to be sarky but shrewd — well played, Kate.

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Featured Images — CBS Sports