NatWest forced to apologise to homeowner after painting massive Marcus Rashford mural without permission

It would seem there was some confusion surrounding a change of ownership.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 15th August 2023

NatWest has had to apologise to a disgruntled homeowner after they painted a large Marcus Rashford mural on the side of his home without full permission.

The British banking group commissioned a new mural depicting the Manchester United star as part of their new financial skills for young people scheme, NatWest Thrive, with the artwork featuring Rashford as a child and as an adult, as well as a slogan reading: “Believe it, become it”.

Man United‘s no.10 helped launch the bank’s financial advice scheme last year and has been a face for the campaign ever since, however, it would seem that they didn’t properly consult the Brighton property’s owner who claims he didn’t give them his permission.

Speaking to press, landlord and former antique dealer Peter Brynin said, “Obviously I was taken quite aback. It is an art wall. It’s known for that… I have no objection to Rashford, I have no objection to the art, but I do object to an advert where I haven’t been contacted at all.”

Rashford and the mural themselves might be aspiring, but it’s the NatWest marketing element that he’s taken issue with.

He went on to insist, “I am fine with graffiti and murals, but what I don’t want to see it being used for is an advertising space. I can’t go up to their bank in Westminster and paint a logo of my business on the side”.


The mural depicts the England international but it also features a large painting of NatWest’s logo on the wall located to the left of the mural and connected to the house.

A plaque attached to the mural reads: “This temporary art mural is in collaboration with Marcus Rashford and NatWest Thrive, which aims to give young people self-belief, confidence and money skills.”


Along with this branding, there is also a QR code and information sign next to the front door of the property belonging to Mr Brynin.

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A spokesperson from NatWest said in an apology by way of a statement: “The space was purchased in good faith for the campaign to showcase a fantastic piece of work from a local artist. Unfortunately, the media owner was unaware that part of the wall had changed ownership since the space was last used.

“Obviously, we were keen to make this right and the media owner contacted the property owner immediately to come to a resolution they were happy with.”


Backing the purpose of the mural, the bank went on explain, “This temporary art mural is in collaboration with Marcus Rashford and NatWest Thrive, which aims to give young people self-belief, confidence and money skills”, adding that they are “pleased to confirm the mural will remain until the 20 August as planned.”

Meanwhile, another mural mix-up is being fixed back here in Manchester as the famous Ian Curtis mural is set to be restored after some more marketing miscommunication.

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Featured Image — Brett Mendoza (via Twitter)/Marcus Rashford (via Instagram)