Northern amateur teams branded ‘despicable’ for playing after the Queen’s death

The Twitter thread has caused quite the stir.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 15th September 2022

Two local football teams in Yorkshire have been condemned for ‘disrespectful and despicable behaviour’ after attempting to play their scheduled game after the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Sheffield International FC were due to play against fellow Sunday league side Byron House on the Friday following the Queen’s passing, but the fixture was cancelled after the rest of the matches were scrapped by the Sheffield and District Fair Play League.

The Yorkshire team tweeted that the game would be played as a friendly instead but went on to inform fans: ‘someone’s snitched on us so now even the friendly is off’.

However, despite switching to training instead, it would seem that both sides still turned up in full kit and Sheffield International later joked that their keeps were “scrapping halfway through a ‘training session'”.

Condemning the actions and behaviour on social media, the Fair Play League said in an official FA statement: “There will be an investigation into this matter, in conjunction with the Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA, and these two teams will be dealt with in the strongest possible terms.


“Our league has honesty, integrity and fair play as cornerstones, and we will not accept such behaviour from within our ranks.”

The league’s chairman Danny Taylor said: “Queen Elizabeth II ruled, served and led with integrity and humility for more than seven decades. It is a terrible shame that these two teams could not emulate this even for a single Saturday, despite our clear instructions.


“We may or may not agree with the mass cancellation of football, but this was decided as a mark of respect and should therefore have been adhered to.”

Some online were less than impressed.

Pundit Richard Keys said earlier this week that the likes of cricket, rugby union, F1, all of which went still went ahead ‘should be ashamed’.


Teams throughout the footballing pyramid, including all the way down to grassroots level, had their games cancelled as a mark of respect following the Queen’s death.

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That being said, others have seen the outrage as somewhat of an overreaction, with many noting that most other sports still went ahead in the days following the news.

One commenter went so far as to suggest: ‘you guys have done more to positively promote your league today than your governing body ever has.’

Many have questioned whether the step was necessary and why other sports were allowed to go ahead as planned, arguing that postponement should have been across the board if opposed at all.

Featured image: Sheffield International FC via Twitter