A fleet of mobile barbershops has launched in Manchester so you can get a fresh trim from anywhere

The Manc The Manc - 20th December 2021

A fleet of mobile barbershops has landed in Greater Manchester, offering haircuts, beard trims and a safe space to talk about mental health.

TRIM-IT is the UK’s first app-powered mobile barbershop service, and after first launching in London has now made its way up north, partnering with a network of local barbers.

You can order a barber to your home, office or even the gym using the app or the website, with a fully heated barbershop-on-wheels coming straight to you.

Each one-on-one experience, with a barber of your choice, includes a full service and complimentary product, depending on stock.

TRIM-IT’s barbers are offered mental health training

As well as helping local barbers to build their own businesses, TRIM-IT has partnered with men’s personal care brand Harry’s, who stock the mobile barbershops with products and connect TRIM-IT with Shout, a support service that provides mental health training to the barbers.


It means that you can get a fresh trim, wherever you are in Manchester, as well as a space where you can open up.

Richard, one of TRIM-IT’s barber partners, said: “Manchester being my home and birthplace, knowing how amazing Mancs are as people, I knew they would love this concept and embrace it so much.

TRIM-IT has built a network of barbers in Manchester

“Barbering is such an amazing service – to give one person a service where they can relax, take the stresses of day to day life off their shoulders.

“Get to the end and they almost become a different person with a smile on their face, feel great about themselves and to just be able to cheer someone up or just give them a good conversation.

“Giving something back has been something that I wanted to do and have done in the past in terms of trying to give back a little bit, especially around this time of year because I know a lot of lads do struggle.

Each of the mobile barbershops is fully heated.

“Personally, I went through some difficulties when I left the military myself, I really struggled with a lot of things, so basically when I moved back to Salford the Royal British Legion helped me out quite a lot and did quite a lot for me so being in a position where I can give back now is a big thing.”

Another barber partner, Abdul, said: “It’s not just a barbershop, it’s a place I like to make people feel safe, comfortable and relaxed.

“I’ve always found speaking to a stranger about mental health is easier than a family member.

“I’m all ears and my barber van door is alway open for those struggling to speak out.”

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Christmas can be a difficult time of the year for many people – Shout is a 24/7 text message support service where you can talk to a trained volunteer.

Text ‘MATE’ to 85258 to start a conversation.

And if you want to speak to your barber from the convenience of a mobile barbershop, you can book an appointment through

Featured image: TRIM-IT