Dr Martens – the definitive shoe of the Manc music scene – is launching a new collaboration with Needles


To mark the 60th anniversary of the original Dr Martens boot, the brand has launched their 1460 Remastered campaign – which will see 12 unique and one-off collaborations during each month of 2020.

Already set to be one of the most popular launches from this range, August’s boot is a collaboration with Japanese brand ‘Needles’.

While other brands like Raf Simons and Beams have put their own unique spin on the classic item, designer Keizo Shimizu has decided to embrace the ‘clash’ between the past and present when creating their boot.

The versatility of Doc Martens meant that they were quickly adopted as part of the music scene in cities like Manchester (commemorated with an Akse P-19 mural in the Northern Quarter) – yet their iconic look makes them an equally popular shoe today.

Akse, Dr Martens

Whether it’s from the crowds of Salford rock band Joy Division in the late 70s or the influence of Oasis in the 90s BritPop era, there’s no denying these shoes have been strongly intertwined with Manchester’s music and cultural identity.

The 1460 boot will use Needles’ signature Papillon butterfly and purple track-pant stripe to represent an amalgamation of classic items with Dr Martens from eras gone by.

When asked about the 1460 boot, a Needles’ spokesperson said the boot had “timeless, universal, unbiased attractiveness”, complimenting their brand well as they are constantly aiming to reimagine Needles every year for a fresh approach with classic themes.

This Dr Martens x Needles launch drops on 22nd August.

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