How a TV star and airplane pilot launched a health movement that’s sweeping Manchester

Social PR founder Scott Thomas and airplane pilot Eden Thomas launched Food4Thought in lockdown - with 600 members already signed up.

The Manc The Manc - 9th April 2021

Scott Thomas and Eden Thomas didn’t seem like the obvious choices to head up a health brand. Especially in the middle of a pandemic. 

Scott was putting on parties for a living and running a PR agency – becoming a TV star in his own right via Love Island and Mancs in Mumbai – whilst Eden was jet-setting across the world in the cockpit of an airplane. 

But after the world went into lockdown, the pair became the faces of fitness in Manchester. 

In August 2020, Scott and Eden launched a movement called ‘Food4Thoughts’ – building a membership community that’s now 600-strong. 

In the space of eight months, the company has hired 15 full-time members of staff, taken over a tannery in Stockport as an office space, and transformed the physical and mental wellbeing of hundreds of local people beyond recognition.

Food4Thoughts results

The rapid progress has come as a surprise – even to the owners. But with a bespoke diet plan allowing members to enjoy their favourite guilt foods in moderation – it’s easy to understand how Food4Thoughts achieved instant popularity.

Not only do members get their own mentor, nutritionist and fitness guru supporting them every step of the way – they also enjoy access to their own bespoke plan, which flexibly fits around whatever they want to eat. 


“If you want a glass of wine every night – we’ll make it work,” Scott explains.

“Want a Maccies on the weekend? We’ll make it work.

“It’s all about finding the balance and the best plan for you.”


After acquiring a reputation as something of a party boy in his younger days, Scott decided to go teetotal – committing himself to eating better and finding other enjoyments outside of tearing it up on the weekends. 

He began streaming his fitness journey online, but was stopped in his tracks when his lifelong friend Eden spotted him tucking into ‘rabbit food’ day after day.

Eden carefully explained to Scott that a boring diet wasn’t necessarily the best way to get fitter – and the duo began working closely together on a tailored plan.

The results surpassed Scott’s expectations, and he realised they could turn it into a brand – a support service giving people a means to count calories, make smarter choices and see better results in a shorter space of time. 

An idea that began in Scott’s kitchen in summer 2020 has now blossomed into a community of likeminded people who want to get themselves fitter, faster – whilst making fewer diet sacrifices. 


“With Food4Thoughts you can achieve your goals by having the foods you love,” Scott explains. 

“The fad diets – keto, whatever it is – all basically bundle up same thing in a different way: Calorie deficit.

“What we do is give people the tools they need. It’s about breaking down myths and preconceptions in the diet world. 

“Some of the transformations we’ve seen have been remarkable – both physically and mentally.” 

With more firepower behind the brand, fresh focus will be placed on marketing planning and software in the months ahead, with Food4Thoughts preparing to move away from pure Zoom calls and set up outdoor sessions for members such as bootcamp and retreats. 


The company is also looking at building a coaching academy and getting nutritionists on board in the future. 

“We’ve already a got a strong team of powerful, knowledgeable and supportive people,” Scott explains.

“That’s only going to get bigger.

“I think we’ve got something special here.”

Learn more about Food4Thoughts online.  

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