The beauty brand helping homebound Mancs achieve a perfect tan without a holiday

Travel restrictions have cancelled most holidays, but Rose and Caramel are helping Mancs get flawless tans without spending hours in the sun.

Daisy Bradbury Daisy Bradbury - 28th August 2020
Rose and Caramel

Travel restrictions have meant many summer holidays to be cancelled in 2020, but with Rose and Caramel you can achieve a flawless tan without spending hours in the sun – and remove it just as fast.

After launching in 2010, Rose and Caramel has made achieving a flawless, streak-free tan as easy as possible.

The brand’s range consists of a three-step routine to creating a gorgeous effect – including essential skin preparation, applying the fake tan of your choice, and finally a deluxe tan removal range.

Rose and Caramel

This Manchester brand has always been one step ahead in the tanning game – having also created the ‘world’s first’ tan-removing bubble bath and shower gel.

Anyone who fake tans religiously will understand the frustration of how bronzed skin turns patchy after a few days, making it obvious that your tan isn’t a natural glow from the sun.


But Rose and Caramel’s ‘Purity’ self-tan removal range makes it easier than ever to maintain a gorgeous glow.

Rather than tirelessly scrubbing at your skin to remove any excess product, you can now sit back and relax in the bath whilst it all melts away in this soothing and stress-free solution.


Rose and Caramel also offer a selection of tanning products that are all-natural, vegan friendly and avoid any harsh chemicals. They are focused on ‘using minimal ingredients but still achieving maximum results’ – offering an appealing alternative to sun beds or tanning booths.

Elsewhere within their range, Rose & Caramel have also released a ‘Nudity’ collection which claims to be the world’s first cream-based tanning solution.

This gives a deep tan whilst being effortless to apply, and it is also a mess-free product that doesn’t transfer.

Rose and Caramel’s products can be bought now from their official website, and they are also stocked on Pretty Little Thing and Feel Unique, so there is no need to miss out on your summer tan.