Ice cream van starts trading in the middle of a five-mile queue on M62

The journey wasn't Fab... but the snacks were

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 25th September 2023

An ice cream van seized its opportunity for some extra business over the weekend after getting stuck in a five mile-long queue on the M62.

Rather than idly sitting and waiting for the traffic to start moving on Sunday, the ice cream van threw open its hatch and started serving ice creams to fellow drivers.

Videos shared from the traffic jam – which lasted for several hours and was caused by an accident near J10 – showed people queuing up for a Mr Whippy.

One particular video shows a delighted passenger walking back through the rows of stationary cars on the M62 with two ice creams in her hand.

They wrote: “POV: You’re stuck in a standstill on the M62 but there’s a Mr Whip 10 cars down.”


Another person said in their video: “Accident on motorway, M62 from Liverpool to Oldham. Uh, yeah, standstill traffic since long time and people getting ice creams from the ice cream van.

“He’s selling ice creams here and I thought ‘why not’, I’ll get one as well, first time in my life.”


One person commented: “The syrup on my hands and nowhere to wash them would send me into a sensory hell hole.”

Someone else said: “Ice cream man must’ve been buzzing done some right trade today.”

Another wrote: “I need to know how many other people did this” – the answer to which was: “Oh everyone there was a queue.”


It echoes that time several years ago when a Greggs van that got stuck in traffic started handing out free cakes, pasties and doughnuts to drivers stranded on the A1.

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Featured image: TikTok, @billywinterr