Sticky vinyl floor tiles spotted at Home Bargains for only £1.99

The discount retail chain has slashed the price of several of its popular Stick Ease Self-Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tiles.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 8th July 2021

Money-savvy shoppers have spotted a handy DIY decor hack being sold at a discounted price at Home Bargains this week.

With several lockdowns over the past 15 months having confined us to staying within own four walls, many have been turning their hands to various DIY projects in an attempt to transform a part of their home into something new on a budget.

So much so, that it was even revealed last June that Google searches for ‘DIY’ had trebled in the UK since lockdown first began.

We’ve seen everything from DIY wall panelling, to complete garden revamps, and so much more.

For those with a couple of home improvement projects still on the list left to do, discount retail chain Home Bargains has slashed the price of its popular Stick Ease Self-Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tiles just at the right time.


While the raved-about tiles do appear to be out of stock on the retailer’s website at the moment, they have however appeared in the ‘Star Buys’ section in a Home Bargains store.

And a pack of five will only set you back £1.99 each.


A photo of the cut-price adhesive tiles, which appeared to be stocked on shelves in a light grey wood effect, a greyscale geometric patterned tile effect, and a black square tile effect, was shared on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group on Facebook this week – going on to rack up over a thousand interactions and comments.

Although it was not revealed where the adhesive tiles were spotted, many still seemed eager to head to their local Home Bargains branch in the hopes of finding them anyway.

One shopper commented: “Got these down in my bathroom and used xtra spray glue – [they’ve] been down 6 months and are still as good as new.”


Another added: “I’ve done a few rooms with them [and] they look great.”

Credit: Home Bargains

A description for the Stick Ease: Self-Adhesive Vinyl Floor Tiles – which come in a pack of five and measure 305 x 305 mm – on the Home Bargains website claims that they are “perfect for updating a room easily and cheaply”.

“They’re simple to cut, lay and clean and can be applied with no mess, dirt or grouting.”

Before installing, Stick Ease also recommends:

  • Storing the tiles at room temperature for 24 hours
  • Read instructions before installing
  • Essential to ensure surfaces are clean, dust free and even.

It’s also important not to install them over a radiated heated floor, over a floor where the temperature is excessively hot or cold, over particle board, or in rooms where moisture may be a problem.


You can find the opening times for your local Home Bargains branch here.

Featured Image – Home Bargains