The top 10 most popular street names in the UK have been revealed – and there’s a few in Manchester

Did yours make the cut?

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 20th December 2023

A list of the top 10 most popular road names across the UK has been published, and Greater Manchester is home to quite a few.

We’ll all know it’s not uncommon to find roads named ‘Church Street’ and ‘Main Road’ in most towns and cities nationwide, with Manchester city centre being one of those – but just how frequently do they actually occur?

And what are the most popular choices of monikers for streets in the UK?

In a bid to get to the bottom of it all and pull together a top 10 list, award-winning national estate agency, Yopa, decided to do a big old analysis and has looked at which street names are proving to be most popular among the nation’s homebuyers.

Property experts analysed sold house price records from Land Registry data to compile the list, and particularly looked at the number of transactions to have taken place across England and Wales from January to August of this year.


Their analysis revealed which are the most popular road names based on sales volumes, and it was ‘High Street’ topping the table, along with ‘Station Road’ and ‘Church Street’ following close behind.

The Top 10 Most Popular Street Names in the UK

  1. High Street
  2. Station Road
  3. Church Road
  4. Main Street
  5. London Road
  6. Church Street
  7. Park Road
  8. Church Lane
  9. Victoria Road
  10. Main Road

‘High Street’ came out as the clear winner, as it saw by far the highest number of transactions of all street names, with more than 1,572 homes having been sold on roads with this name across England and Wales this year.


‘Station Road’ is the nation’s second most-popular street name, with 870 property purchases in 2023, according to Yopa’s research, while Church Road takes the bronze medal with 552 homes sold on roads with this name.

Church Street in Manchester city centre / Credit: Rightmove

Main Street (528) and London Road (520) complete the top five, and they’re the only other two street names to see transaction volumes exceed the 500 sale threshold so far this year. 

Other road names to make the top 10 include Park Road (437), and Church Lane (344).


“Regardless of where you live, the chances are you’ll know a High Street, Station Road or Church Road,” commented Yopa’s CEO, Verona Frankish, “and so, the prominence of such street names no doubt has a part to play when it comes to the frequency of transactions. 

“That said, given the historic makeup of the property market, it’s also likely that such roads are found in prime locations that hold a greater degree of appeal to buyers. 

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“Most towns are centred around a high street and a train station, while historically, churches also played a key role in society, so as a result, it’s a safe bet that roads named as such will benefit from central locations, an abundance of amenities and good transport links.

“All of which are all desirable features when it comes to attracting home buyers.”

Featured Image – Elliott Brown (via Flickr)