This gift guide for Father’s Day will sort you right out

Tim Mossholder / Unsplash

Dads aren’t always easy to shop for.

Everyone has ended up buying something for their old man that seemed like a good idea at the time, and then found out years later that the item never actually ended up seeing the light of day.

And let’s be honest, most of us have also been guilty of forgetting the date until the very last minute – which often results in a panic purchase of a four-pack from the local shop.

Don’t let Father’s Day creep up on you this year. Get dad a proper gift.

We’ve got some ideas…

BBQ Tool Set


You just know dad is already waiting for the bad weather to go away so he can resume grilling. He was in his element earlier this spring.

That’s why a set of top-notch BBQ tools will always go down a treat.

There are a couple of cracking-looking kits over on Amazon, including this fancy toolset here. There’s also a cheaper alternative if your budget is a little tight.

Personalised Pint Glass


For that BBQ, dad will need a refreshing cold drink. It’s the law.

With a personalised glass, there can never be any doubt as to who that beer belongs to.

And dad will definitely like that concept.

Grab one here.

Personalised Chocolate Smash Cup


Ordinary chocolate is often a good shout, but handing over a bar of Dairy Milk on Father’s Day won’t look like much thought has gone into the buying process.

This towering personalised cup, on the other hand, will show you’ve definitely put in the legwork this year.

Just be warned you might need to pick dad up off the sofa when he’s done gorging…

Pick up a cup here.

100 Whiskeys Scratch Off Poster

This gift is a bit like train-spotting for spirit enthusiasts.

If dad is big whiskey drinker, he will have already made his way through many of the classics – but this scratch poster will point him in the right direction of which blends he still needs to sample.

Get one here.

Dear Dad From You To Me Book


Every dad loves a bit of nostalgia. Things just aren’t as good today as they were back then, he keeps reminding you.

This cracking little gift will get him scribbling about his favourite memories and perhaps even adding photos in the process.

It’s the diary he never started. And who knows, you might end up learning a few things you never knew about him…

Order one here.

Grow It Carnivorous Plants


Is dad always complaining about the bugs?

This will shut him up – and give him something to keep him busy.

These Venus Flytrap kits come with all the ingredients required to grow a fly-scoffing plant – as well as a booklet of care tips.

Pick up a plant here.

Zymurgorium Original Manchester Sloe Gin

Here’s a bottle of gin straight from Manchester.

Zymurgorium is wildly popular with locals – and if dad is from this neck of the woods, he’ll be intrigued by what this spirit has to offer.

Grab a bottle here.

Personalised Pale Ale Gift Set

Does dad always prefer a pale ale every time you (used to) head down the pub?

This will do the trick.

Thes sets don’t just come with delicious Brewdog, they also have a personalised glass included.


Get one here.