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Gemma Atkinson shares heartbreaking tribute after death of her dog Norman

It's set pet-owners off in floods of tears.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 1st July 2024

Gemma Atkinson has written a beautiful tribute to her dog Norman after his death over the weekend, moving people to tears.

The presenter and former model wrote that she had had to make ‘the hardest decision of my life’ so that Norman wouldn’t be in pain or suffer.

Her heartbreaking statement shared with her two million followers has left fellow pet-owners ‘in floods of tears’, who all know the pain of losing a furry family member.

Gemma wrote that Norman, a Springer-Poodle cross, had ‘changed by life and made it so much better simply by just being there’.

The Bury-born beauty detailed how sad she feels for Ollie, her remaining dog, and her little girl Mia.


The Strictly star also said that her four-legged companion was her ‘first experience of being a mum’ and that he had ‘fierce love and loyalty to his family, his pack’.

In a particularly heartbreaking section of her lengthy tribute, which she posted along with a Reel of Norman’s life, Gemma wrote: “In all these years the only time you’ve broken my heart is today, when yours stopped beating.”


And she signed off by saying: “Go and run again and have some fun up there with my dad. You’re such a good boy.”

Gemma’s full statement reads: “My beautiful boy Norman has passed away. My heart is broken.

“12 years ago I made a promise to him that i would always take care of him and never allow him be in pain or to suffer. Had I put off making the hardest decision of my life any longer I would have broken that promise.


“It’s hard to put into words how much Norman changed my life and made it so much better Simply by just being there. Throughout the good & bad experiences the last 12 years he’s been there with Ollie making everything ok.

“My most favourite weekends were spent having long walks exploring together, then home lay in bed cosy with them both watching a film while they snored away peacefully. I think I’ll miss that the most…

“That and the fact Norm was always the only one in the whole house to get up and come downstairs with me in the mornings no matter how early it was. My 5am club won’t be the same without his company.

“He was my first experience of being a mum and having someone other than myself to care for. He’s taught me a lot. Mainly to always live in the moment, remain positive and to keep trying. He never stopped trying to just get up and please me. Even at the end. He was the most gentle and caring soul combined with fierce love and loyalty to his family, his pack.

“I believe he was always meant to be my dog. I feel so sad for Ollie who’s now wondering where Norman is. Smelling him but not being able to see or play with him will be confusing. I’ve read that dogs too notice the absence of other dogs, and i know he’s just as sad as I am.


“And of course I’m beyond sad for Mia. Norman’s woken her up by going into her room and pinching her Snuggie almost everyday of her life. She’s never known him or Ollie to not be here. Her first best friend. And so close to her 5th Birthday.

“They say the sadness we feel when we lose a loved one is the price we pay for loving them so much, and boy did i love you Norman. In all these years the only time you’ve broken my heart is today, when yours stopped beating.

“I’m going to love you, miss you and remember you forever. Until we meet again Norman… Go and run again and have some fun up there with my dad. You’re such a good boy.”

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Featured image: Instagram, Gemma Atkinson