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People keen to tackle their phobias wanted for new Channel 4 show

Sorry for those if you who have a fear of heights and obviously aren't keen on the image we went for...

Clementine Hall Clementine Hall - 31st July 2023

Do you have a phobia that’s impacting your life?

Do you squeal at a tiny spider or shiver at the thought of getting into a lift? Or perhaps you hide around the corner when balloons are being blown up at a birthday party, or shut your eyes tightly when a needle appears in the doctor’s office?

Whatever it may be, now is the time to finally face your fear, as there’s a brand-new TV show on the horizon that’s giving Brits the opportunity to get rid of their phobias for good and potentially change their lives for the better.

Channel 4 is currently casting for the upcoming documentary series — the name is yet to be announced — which will follow contestants with severe phobias as they embark on undergoing a groundbreaking new psychological treatment based on extensive research.

As reported by The Hoot, to take part, you just have to be living in the UK, over the age of 18 and have a phobia you’d like to cure.


Even were considering applying to be honest — and, yes, it’s clowns.

A description for the new series: “Do you suffer from an overwhelming phobia? Is your phobia stopping you from seeing friends and family, or living life to the full? Are you ready to try and beat it?


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“Whether it’s spiders, heights, snakes, cockroaches, open water, balloons, needles, elevators, or something else, a new Channel 4 documentary will follow people as they try a groundbreaking psychological therapy based on cutting-edge research.”

Feeling brave enough then? If this sounds like a show you’d be keen to take part in, then you can apply by filling out a short questionnaire HERE.

There’s a lot of TV stuff going on around Manchester at the minute too, as a local cafe in Bury has recently been chosen as the set for a new Netflix show.


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Featured Image – Erik Karits (via Unsplash)