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‘One of a kind’ Vivienne Westwood walking tour launched around her hometown

Participants are encouraged to "dress the part" and attend the tour wearing their most "eccentric, bold, and rebellious outfits".

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 9th May 2023

The late Dame Vivienne Westwood is being honoured with a “one of a kind” walking tour around her hometown this weekend.

Set to celebrate the talent and legacy of the undeniable fashion and cultural icon – who sadly passed away at the age of 81 late last year – the brand-new dedicated walking tour will take fans around Westwood’s hometown of Glossop where she spent her childhood and show the cultural impact she had on the community

Born in the picturesque Derbyshire town in 1941, Westwood attended school in Glossop and was always known to speak highly of her early years and the rugged landscape of the High Peak, especially around her home village of Tintwistle. 

Although Glossop is considered to be the gateway to the Peak District, it’s actually only 30 minutes from Manchester on a direct train to Piccadilly.

No longer cut off from the rest of Greater Manchester and Derbyshire, Glossop is now a thriving town that boasts a number of popular cafes, restaurants, delis, bars, and pubs – making it an excellent place to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.


The new walking tour, called ‘Too Inspired To Be Tired, is taking place for one-day-only this Saturday 13 May, and is being curated and led by culture expert Martha Camarillo as part of Glossop Creates – a collective aiming to bring together local independent creative businesses and individuals.

With participants encouraged to “dress the part” and attend the walk wearing their most “eccentric, bold, and rebellious outfits” the ‘catwalk’ along Glossop’s High Street will explore Vivienne Westwood’s early years, family, influences, and inspirations, before pondering what might have inspired a girl from a small town to become an international icon and one of the most influential British designers in fashion history.


“Vivienne Westwood’s persona has always intrigued me,” said walk curator Martha Camarillo.

“It’s all about her – a life filled with intensity and stimulating stories, a woman who always saw beyond what the eye sees, and someone who always wanted to find the heart of the matter and channelled her actions and ideas to the next level with her characteristic passion, and her strong, sharp temperament.

“She had the ability to transform herself and others.”


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The Wander Walks: Too Inspired To Be Tired tour will take place on Saturday 13 May, and will start at 3pm by Deggy’s mural on Chapel Street – with tickets costing £5 each.

Grab tickets here.

Featured Image – Glossop Creates (via Instagram)