Greater Manchester’s Karen’s Diner has suddenly closed down

No more getting shouted at while eating burgers.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 12th June 2024

Karen’s Diner, a restaurant concept where people pay good money for deliberately rude service, has suddenly closed the doors to its Manchester location.

The interactive diner opened in Prestwich in 2022, staffed by waiters who would make jokes at customers’ expense.

A night at Karen’s Diner could include ketchup squirted directly onto a table, insults written onto paper hats and jammed on your head, or being made to parade around the restaurant being taunted.

Sounds… lovely, right?

The Karen’s Diner concept first launched in Australia and had been going down a storm in Manchester, where the space was kitted out like a retro American diner.


But it appears it has closed down with immediate effect while the group concentrates on pop-up experiences instead of permanent restaurants.

The news comes a few months after the Karen’s Diner site on Bury New Road appeared on Rightmove, but at that time, the restaurant said it had no intention of closing.


In a statement, a spokesperson thanked all the customers who have visited the restaurant and assured those with bookings that they will be contacted shortly.

The Australian arm of Karen’s Diner had already collapsed into voluntary liquidation in 2023.

Memorable moments from Karen’s Diner’s time in Manchester include horrified pensioner Barbara telling the staff off for being too rude, Davina McCall being called a ‘stupid b*tch’, and the Malone family from Gogglebox being completely savaged by their waiter.


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It also hosted an event with Katie Hopkins, which is a step too far to the controversial if you ask me.

A spokesperson for Karen’s Diner said: “As it stands the initial licence agreement has come to an end and our head office wants the UK operation to concentrate on ‘pop up’ events rather than restaurants. In the current climate reluctantly we can understand their decision.

“When the business opened in Prestwich critics said that is was “far too far out the way” and we want to thank the 100,000 + customers that have proved them wrong.

“The group is undergoing a reconstruction which will see the brand appearing in its pop up form all over Britain.

“Our admin team will ensure that customers with bookings will be informed of next steps.”

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