What to expect from Soho House Manchester when it finally opens

Soho House Manchester is due to open this year - so we went on a tour of their other UK locations to get a taste of what's to come.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 21st April 2024

Soho House Manchester is surely one of the city’s most hotly-anticipated (and long-awaited) new openings.

The London-founded luxury members’ club has been slowly transforming the Old Granada Studios in the city centre into a multi-storey hub that will include restaurants, bars, bedrooms; event spaces, a gym, and, most notably, a rooftop pool.

At one point, its grand opening was locked in for 2022, but now we’re in 2024 and still no official opening date has been announced.

But there’s a good reason for that: you cannot rush perfection, and you can expect perfection when the annual membership cost is close to £3,000 – and yes, Soho House Manchester will be the same.

We may still be looking at the same set of artist impressions for their new venue in the North, but after a whistle-stop tour of several other of their UK locations, we finally have an idea of what to expect from their first venture north.


What will Soho House Manchester look like?

Not one inch of Soho House is overlooked when it comes to its design – every corner, nook and cranny has been considered and made beautiful.

One thing you’re guaranteed to find is attention to detail. 


Every site is different from the last, lifting inspiration from the building it takes over and the history of the local area.

For example, White City House, constructed within the iconic, circular former BBC HQ, has collages of nostalgic programmes, analogue TVs stuck to the walls, and mid-century modern furniture that tastefully nods back to the building’s most significant era.

But then you head to the very first Soho House location, tucked in a tall townhouse in the heart of bustling Soho, and it’s all about elaborately patterned wallpapers, plump colourful cushions and chintzy curtains.


With Soho House Manchester taking shape inside the former Granada Studios, we can expect a nod to our city’s broadcasting heritage, probably some 1960s-inspired interiors (this building held the Beatles’ first television performance in 1962), and hopefully not a Hacienda stripe in sight…

Want another example of attention to detail? Every Soho venue even has its own stripe, used on its towels, stationery and other items dotted around the spaces. For Manchester, it’s going to be a navy and ochre wave pattern.

So while there are similarities between every location, this is far from being a copy-and-paste brand.

The same applies to the customer service. It’s quite remarkable to sit and watch how staff at each House will greet members by name at just a glance, very much like that scene in The Devil Wears Prada but I can’t see a panicked Emily Blunt whispering in anyone’s ear here.

How does Soho House work?

Another recurring feature at Soho House will be total privacy. There’s a strict no-photos policy that means even the most A-list of guests (yes, including Harry Styles) can relax and enjoy the space without the fear of having their picture sold to a tabloid.


If you whip out a phone, you’ll be told politely but firmly not to take photos or videos… not that many people even try. The application process to become a Soho House member is rigorous, so once you’re in, almost everyone plays by the rules.

And it really is private. One does not simply walk into Soho House, even if you do have cash to spend. In fact, the only way you can set foot into these hallowed halls without being a member is to be invited as a guest of an existing member.

Soho House memberships are generally offered to those working in the creative industries, so you’re never more than a few metres from artists, music industry bigwigs, actors, dancers, writers, designers and more.

Inside any one house, you probably will spot a famous face or two (on our trip to Soho Farmhouse I clocked a legitimate Hollywood A-lister), but you might not notice – they’ll be treated the same as every other guest and can relax safely in the knowledge that they’re not about to be pestered for a selfie.

Restaurants for Soho Manchester haven’t been confirmed yet, though we can pretty safely assume they won’t be akin to the Farmhouse offerings, but our tour of existing locations included several signature brands that would be very welcome – though we must stress eating there isn’t included in your membership cost.


We could get Pen Yen, a vibrant Japanese restaurant; or Little Berenjak, a sister site for the Persian restaurant in London that is so popular, it’s nigh-on impossible to get a table.

The Soho Farmhouse experience

One thing we’re sadly not likely to get a taste of here in Manchester is the peace and tranquillity enjoyed at Soho Farmhouse, where features include a heated outdoor pool and hot tubs sunk into the lake, pretty green bikes you can cycle around on, and cosy rooms built into wooden cabins or ‘piglet’ style huts.

But if you sign up for the ‘Every House’ membership, you can at least pay it a visit.

But what is on the cards for Manchester is their trademark rooftop pool with sunbeds and a bar; an enormous gym space (Soho House has said this is a priority, and after seeing how busy the gym at White City House is, I can see why), fitness studios; a steam room and sauna. We’re not even remotely done…

A ninth-floor late-night bar and live music space, casual lounge areas serving food and drink; a formal restaurant; an events space with a bar and DJ booth; 23 bedrooms of varying sizes; and an 80sq metre two-bedroom private apartment. Phew.


Set to be not only the first Soho House site in Manchester but in the North full stop, it will join other UK sites across London, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Windsor and Brighton.

An exact opening date for Soho House Manchester is expected to be confirmed soon.

Soho House Manchester – memberships and application process

The full membership gains you access to the Manchester private members club and all other existing 40 Soho Houses around the globe and costs £2,950.

But if you want to just use their flagship Northern venue, that will cost £1,925.

There are also cheaper Soho House membership prices available for under-27s.


As part of the application process, you’ll need to supply a headshot, information about your work and industry, links to your online profiles, and several other titbits about yourself.

It helps if you already know a couple of existing Soho House members who can refer you, too.

And you must confirm that you’ll abide by the house rules, which you can see HERE.

When it does finally open, Soho House Manchester is going to be a big deal and if memberships are already open, so apply now if you want to be part of what will be the city’s most exclusive club, hotel, bar, restaurant and hospitality community.

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