University of Manchester hit by cyber attack with ‘data likely copied’ by unauthorised party

In-house experts and external authorities are said to be "working around the clock" to resolve the issue.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 9th June 2023

The University of Manchester (UoM) has confirmed that it has today become “the victim of a cyber incident”.

In a formal statement addressing the situation, the city‘s flagship further education institution says some of its systems have been accessed by an “unauthorised party” and that data has “likely been copied” as a result of this.

The University’s in-house experts are said to be “working around the clock” to resolve the issue.

External support teams are also said to be working in collaboration with the University to understand what data has been accessed.

Patrick Hackett – Registrar, Secretary, and Chief Operating Officer at the University of Manchester – explained in a statement issued this morning: “Regrettably, I have to share with you the news that the University is the victim of a cyber incident, [as] it has been confirmed that some of our systems have been accessed by an unauthorised party and data have likely been copied.


“Our in-house experts and established expert external support are working around the clock to resolve this incident, and we are working to understand what data has been accessed”.

Mr Hackett said he understands the nature of the issue will “cause concern to members of our community”, and says the University is “very sorry for this”.


The University says it is also working with relevant authorities – including the Information Commissioner’s Office, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the National Crime Agency, and other regulatory bodies – to resolve the issue, and will provide information to those affected as soon as they are able to.

Students and staff are also be told to be vigilant to any suspicious phishing emails within the coming days – with the University’s IT Services team having published some relevant advice to refer to.

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“We will continue to provide updates when we have further information to share,” Mr Hackett concluded in his statement.

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