Architect video shows the progress of the ever-changing Greater Manchester skyline

While it can sometimes look like a sea of cranes, Manchester has undergone quite the overhaul even in just a few short years.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 6th December 2022

A building planner and architecture firm’s new YouTube video shows the remarkable progress of Greater Manchester’s ever-changing skyline.

VU.CITY is a city-planning firm based out of London that specialises in building out 3D platforms which render both existing, developing and future structures.

Better yet, it shows a 3D visual representation of what they will look like in the coming months and years.

Here is the changing face of Manchester:

Pretty cool right?


It’s even crazier to think what the trajectory of this video would have looked if you wound the clock back even by another 10 years.

As you can, not only has the company shown city’s skyline evolves over time, the company recently highlighted both central and Greater Manchester, highlighting the likes of Salford, Salford Quays and Stockport as they continue to grow.


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While plenty of people have been understandably concerned over Manchester’s ever-changing skyline, especially post-2020’s Manctopia programme about the local property boom, the money these new-builds and developments have generated in the city cannot be denied.

Not only is Manchester one of the fastest-growing cities in Europe but two different towns in the region have been named among the best places to live in Britain over the past 12 months alone, but the city centre itself was named by Time Out as one of the best locations to visit anywhere in the UK.

It’s no wonder some of the happiest people in the country also live here, apparently.


Just lots of people telling us what we already know: Manchester is mint and thanks to its ever-changing skyline, it’s only looking more attractive to city types.

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Featured Image — VU.CITY (via YouTube)