‘Not just for mums’ – Iceland drops iconic slogan after more than 50 years

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 22nd April 2024

Iceland has dropped its iconic slogan after more than 50 years, and has finally admitted that it’s “not just for mums”.

We all know that “that’s why mums go to Iceland” is one of the most famous slogans in British retail history… but, as of last week, more than 50 years since it was first uttered on TV, Iceland has decided to say farewell to the iconic phrase.

The headline-grabbing move is thought to be the supermarket‘s bid to become more inclusive, as it has cited the decades-old tagline as “outdated”.

Iceland’s first use of ‘mum’ in its’ marketing campaigns was all the way back in 1970 with the phrase “Mums love it”, before it was slightly changed to “Mum’s gone to Iceland” in 1988 ahead of its expansion into Europe in 1991.

Then finally, in 2004, the frozen food retailer introduced its now most-iconic strapline, “So that’s why mums go to Iceland”, to coincide with introducing celebrity pop star Kerry Katona as the new face of its TV advertisements.


But now, as part of its latest advertising campaign, the world ‘mum’ has been dropped once and for all in favour of the altered tagline “That’s why we go to Iceland.

Explaining its decision to part way with its use of ‘mums’, Iceland’s Executive Chairman Richard Walker commented: “Iceland’s always been number one with mums, but the reality is, people from all walks of life, and life stage, choose to shop with us. That includes everyone from students and seniors, to single-parent families, mums, dads, and fitness enthusiasts.


“We’re a Great British institution, and open to all.”

Alongside the new slogan, Iceland is continuing its tradition of appointing celebrity mums as the face of the company.

TV presenter Josie Gibson has landed the role of the supermarket’s new ambassador.


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“With her famous warmth and positivity, Josie is the perfect person to encapsulate the friendly welcome all our customers receive at Iceland,” Mr Walker continued, adding that the retailer is “delighted to have her onboard”.

Featured Image – Iceland Foods