Paddy Power spoof Man City’s new Netflix Treble series as a true crime documentary

They're at it again.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 3rd April 2024

If there’s one thing gambling brand Paddy Power is known for (beyond the obvious) it’s their comedy chops when it comes to making topical adverts around sport — and that’s exactly what they’ve done with a brand-new spoof of Manchester City’s new Netflix documentary.

Man City’s Together: Treble Winners documentary, charting how the Manchester club went on to win the coveted English trio of trophies, was finally released on Tuesday 2 April, and while Blues will no doubt be enjoying a behind-the-scenes look at their greatest season ever, there is a big elephant in the room…

As we’re sure you’re all aware, City still have a whopping total of 115 charges for breaking FFP (Financial Fair Play) rules looming over their heads, with breaches spanning a total of nine years between 2009 and 2018.

With that in mind, even when the Netflix documentary was first announced, pretty much every man and his dog was making the joke that it should be under the ‘true crime’ genre and now Paddy Power have taken that one further by mocking up an alternative trailer for the series as just that. Roll the VT.

Paddy Power’s alternative twist on Man City’s new Treble documentary on Netflix.

It’s giving Making A Murderer meets Dirty Money (both great watches, by the way). We particularly enjoyed the ‘Head of FFP’ bloke and, yes, we obviously noticed the colour of the scarves.


Having gone viral many times before for similarly humorous spins on footy drama like Rhodri Giggs poking fun at his wife and brother’s affair, José Mourinho making digs at Man United and staying ‘humble’ as ‘The Special One’, this is just one in a long line of spoofs from Paddy Power.

It was only last year that they promoted the start of the 2023/24 campaign by taking the mick out of the increasingly concerning oil money that’s taking over football and the fickle fans that are quick to hop on board when it’s their club benefitting from the buyouts.


Having a pop at Man City‘s questionable bookkeeping is just another day at the office and they’re by no means the only ones raising a bemused eyebrow – especially when it seems curious to many fans that Everton have already been penalised for their own FFP breaches.

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In fact, while FFP isn’t mentioned directly even once in the new six-part docuseries, both Everton and Nottingham Forest have already been deducted points in the Premier League after being found guilty of breaking regulations in much smaller circumstances and over less time.

Even Man United were forced to pay a fine for what they labelled a ‘minor technical breach’ back in July 2023, citing the pandemic and its after-effects as having played a role in their failure to meet regulations.


As for the Netflix show itself, the only nod towards the lingering questions surrounding the club is an out-of-context moment from manager Pep Guardiola assuring that he would not be going anywhere after he was asked if he would leave the club were they to be found guilty.

Meanwhile, a timeline for when the club and football supporters can expect to see the situation surrounding Man City and FFP remains very unclear as there are a lot of finances to sift through; there also seems to be plenty of debate as to what punishment they will/should receive if found guilty.

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