Starstruck Bukayo Saka asking Beckham for a picture might be his most wholesome moment yet

Good at football. Also happens to warm our hearts on a regular basis.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 7th December 2022

England and Arsenal star Bukayo Saka asking David Beckham for a picture might be one of the most wholesome footballing moments we’ve seen in recent times.

While Becks was busy talking to Gareth Southgate and Jack Grealish during a recent tour around England’s 2022 World Cup camp, the seemingly starstruck 21-year-old winger plucked up the courage to speak to him.

Although you might have assumed the two had already met on a previous occasion or, at least, that Saka has probably gotten used to meeting football icons, the Man United and Three Lions legend clearly has a different kind of presence.

Just look at how happy he is:

Nothing to see here, just a cute video of Bukayo Saka asking David Beckham for a picture

First we get ‘Super Jack’ doing the Finlay celebration as promised, now this.


Clips like this also serve as a reminder that footballers, especially these young lads like Saka, are just fans like the rest of us — they just happen to be good enough to play professionally — and meeting your heroes is always going to be a big moment no matter who you are.

Say what you will about England‘s chances of actually going through against France in the quarter-finals come this Saturday, but this group of players continues to endear themselves to the supporters watching back home in recent years.


Saka just can’t help himself:

Read more:

Saka was one of the first England players to score in Qatar and has continued to play a key role in throughout the group stage and the first knockout game against Senegal. He looks some talent — I mean, we knew even way before Euro 2020.

Sharing the same iconic number for his club as Beckham wore for both United and England, we’re sure he’ll go on to inspire a whole new generation of his own in the future.


We look forward to the video of the next young starlet asking Saka for a selfie in a few years’ time.

You can see Beckham’s full visit to England’s training base below:

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Featured Image — England Football (via YouTube)