A music lover’s guide to style in Manchester

Manchester’s music scene has always influenced the city’s style.

Daisy Bradbury Daisy Bradbury - 18th June 2021

From band tees to music-influenced accessories, Manchester is filled with ways to unite your music and style tastes.

There’s currently a growing interest in using fashion to commemorate your favourite bands and music genres, and Manchester is no exception – it has potentially the country’s richest music history to draw from.

For any Mancunians looking to achieve these music-inspired looks – this guide ought to help.

Keep it classic with band tees

Band tees often function as the best way to pay tribute to your favourite musicians – making a clear statement on where your allegiances lie.

When shopping for t-shirts in Manchester, look no further than Lemon Music Store, a small company selling 100% official licensed merchandise from the bands they love.


Whether you’re looking for The Stone Roses, Joy Division, The Smiths or various other bands, Lemon has got you covered with the real deal rather than some cheap knock off.

Bring back the bucket hat

NOTE Skateboard Shop

While the bucket hat is now an essential piece of Mancunian festival clobber, it was brought to fame by its music ties thanks to the likes of the Gallagher brothers.


Various high-street stores sell these gems, but NOTE Skateboard Shop stock potentially the city’s largest collection with a massive variety of bucket hats to choose from.

NOTE sells every colour and pattern imaginable of these iconic hats to pair with any outfit and can be found in the Tib Street and Thomas Street stores.

Get creative with custom patches, badges and belt buckles

Panic Posters

If your outfit needs some added flair and individuality, Panic Posters is selling various music-inspired patches and belt buckles that perfectly fit the bill.


You’ll find everything from Iron Maiden and Metallica to local bands in their Afflecks store – as well as music-based buckles such as drum sets and turntables, which is an easy way to jazz up an otherwise tired belt.

Keep it subtle with recycled music jewellery

Perhaps you don’t want to shout about your music obsession from the hilltops and instead want something more understated? Well, String Effects has got you sorted.

This venue is recycling guitar strings into ethical and elegant jewellery, complete with gemstones, crystals and charms.

These gorgeous one-of-a-kind pieces are a great way to put your old guitar strings to use and would make a great gift for a retired musician or to preserve an old instrument into a precious keepsake.

Anything and everything Pretty Green

Liam Gallagher founded Pretty Green in 2009, creating a one-stop shop for authentic outfits inspired by the famed Oasis singer.


The brand aims to unite people through a love of music and fashion, creating iconic looks that would look at home on the Gallagher brothers during the height of their career.

Whether you want a new pair of espadrilles or an Oasis-inspired track top, Pretty Green is a must-visit for achieving these iconic looks.