Gramm: The streetwear brand keeping it hot in the rainy city

Nothing quite sums up Manchester's iconic street style better than this brand.

Daisy Bradbury Daisy Bradbury - 19th February 2021

From Gallagher bucket hats to the Northern Quarter’s eclectic vintage style, Manchester has birthed a variety of iconic looks. But nothing quite sums up the city as well as Gramm.

Their collection of urban, casual clobber perfectly captures the vibes of inner-city Manchester, being made ‘for the Youth by the Yutes’.

The brand was launched in 2015 by AK Williams, who found there was a lack of options available to express his personal style.

After growing up in Manchester and experiencing the city as a youth, he wanted to create clothing that spoke to this culture, which organically grew into a business.


‘Gramm provides the building blocks, inspired by the past and present, to edgy self-expression’ professes the brand, whose iconic garments perfectly capture the local streetwear scene.


Although Gramm has enjoyed immense popularity – with Manchester’s iconic style stretching across the globe – it has also been involved in its fair share of controversy.

In 2019, allegations were made that superstar streetwear brand OFF-White ripped off some of their designs.


Perhaps it goes to show that everyone is dying to look like us Mancunians…

Gramm’s third collection, simply titled GR3, will be dropping this month, marking the hottest streetwear launch of 2021 so far.

Although the garments are kept tightly under wraps, we can confirm that Gramm’s iconic Mancunian street style will be returning with a sustainable twist, as they’re ‘all handmade in the rain’.


All sales will be on a first come first serve basis, so sign up via email to ensure you’re ahead of the curve in getting their latest launch.

To see more of their iconic Mancunian street style, keep an eye on Gramm’s Instagram.