Grey Milk: The independent Mancunian fashion brand launched during lockdown

Bored of high street fashion? Take a look at Grey Milk a playful and positive Manchester-made independent clothing brand to add some colour to the closet.

Jess Walmsley Jess Walmsley - 16th June 2020
Grey Milk – Model – Portia Hunt

A new, playful and positive Manchester-made clothing brand has been born in lockdown – an innovative line of clothing by the name of Grey Milk.

Created by Mancunian Gwen Harris, the retro clothing range is packed full of bright floral prints, bold designs and can be made to custom order.

The name Grey Milk reflects Gwen’s, bold, haphazard persona – which is emulated in her clothes. Inspiration for the sixties-style patterns came from a Nirvana single, with Gwen juxtaposing this theme with modern, on-trend, girly pieces of clothing.

From huge puffed sleeves to boxy, oversized mod dresses, the whole range is extremely versatile and can be adapted for any occasion.

Grey Milk

Using a degree in Fashion Design and experience working full-time in the print design industry, Gwen has successfully built a new brand by interacting with customers to create personal, bespoke garments and even craft a newsletter.


“I’ve felt held back in the past whether that be due to lack of time, resources or money,” says Gwen.

“But as depressing as this whole situation is, I’ve been able to seize the opportunity and commit to launching Grey Milk.”


The designer has chosen whimsical, unusual and dreamy female names for her clothes to allow customers to connect further with the brand.

So far, Grey Milk has the ORLA dress, the POLLY top, the FAYE skirt, the ELLA dress, the BETTY top, the MAGGIE dress, the CLEO top  and the JOANIE trousers.

Grey Milk also prides itself on transparency and sustainability.


Currently half the stock is made from natural and biodegradable fabrics, whereas the rest still uses polyester for silk and velvet.

Gwen’s clothes are 100% vegan and she has pledged her next range will be completely made out of natural, eco-friendly fabric.

Grey Milk

With high streets struggling, smaller UK brands with custom options could see a rise in popularity over the coming months.

Built-to-last garments are also in favour; and Grey Milk’s durably outfits could help to alter preconceptions of single-wear clothing.

The brand has already gained impressive traction – with Manchester influencer Faye Ellaby promoting the clothing on social media.


Gwen has also utilised social media to run competitions where customers could design a new garment that they would like to see in the next range – with the winning design receiving a free Betty Top and their design brought to life.

Grey Milk is a brand which wants to bring joy and sustainability to shopping. And the fashion industry is sitting up to take notice.

You can read more about the range online.