Manchester sewers invited to take part in ‘fashion revolution’

Turn your old scraps of fabric into miniature garments ready for this fashion exhibition.

Daisy Bradbury Daisy Bradbury - 9th April 2021

Manchester is often at the forefront of change in the fashion industry. This year’s ‘Fashion Revolution Week’ is no different.

In April, a week-long event will campaign against the exploitation of garment workers in fashion – centring around the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse that killed 1,138 people on 24th April 2013.

Manchester is determined to make a difference and help in any way possible – and two local brands are doing their bit with a crafts-making project.

Kala Clothing and Manchester Fashion Movement have teamed up together for the #craftivismmcr exhibition – inviting all Manc sewing specialists to create their own miniature garments.

The creations will help to raise awareness of the #payup movement – a campaign asking for all workers in the fashion industry to receive outstanding wages.


More of an art movement than a stereotypical clothing brand, Kala is also providing one-off exclusive fashion pieces made right here in Manchester to campaign for garment workers’ rights.

Kala’s exhibition is your chance to get involved in this change and make a difference. Not only that, but it’s a creative way to use old scraps of fabric or keep the children entertained during the Easter holidays.


The exhibition will take place from April 19-24 at Old Trafford Creative Space.

All details on how to get involved are available on the Kala Instagram page.