Spring/Summer 2020 fashion ideas – staying colourful whilst the sun is out

If you're in desperate need of new summer pieces, here's a few ideas on where to pick some up.

Jess Walmsley Jess Walmsley - 9th June 2020
Collection of clothes compiled by The Manc

Life in lockdown has seen many of us staying in our pyjamas for the entire day and ditching the bra. But as the weather has become increasingly warmer, those joggers are no longer a viable option.

If you’re in desperate need of some new summer pieces, you can take some inspiration from the clothes pictured above – which are a mixture of Manchester-made garments and items from the high street.

Grey Milk and Megan Crosby are custom-made Manchester brands who can tailor each piece to your measurements – meaning they’re definitely worth a look for quirky, one-of-a-kind outfit.

Another Manc brand featured is Saturday by Megan Ellaby, a fashion influencer who takes the lead in Manchester fashion choices. 

Her catalogue is packed full of colour and bold clashes of prints. You can’t make a Manchester fashion board without the classic bucket hat, perfect for picnics in the park as it is both stylish and protective.


High street brands have been putting on some monumental sales over lockdown so take a look to see what bargains you can find!

Zara have been attracting attention from platforms such as TikTok due to their peculiar website and the position models have contorted into to display their clothing range.


But despite their bold advertising, they do have some essential basics. Be sure to use the website hack by searching ‘TRF collection’ to take you straight past the models posing on oven hobs (yes, you read that correctly).

Shopping from a mixture of independent and chain shops is a good mix, as it means you have a full range of clothes to choose from but don’t forget those working hard to keep a company going, especially in lockdown.

Take a look and shop around, you never know what you might find.

Happy shopping!